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Is telemedicine a key priority for your organization? PDS is here to help you manage current demands and achieve your future telehealth support and patient outreach objectives.

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the wider adoption of virtual visits. However, the expanded use of technology to support “remote delivery” of healthcare services presents new challenges.

Provider organizations have a growing need for service desk staff who can help patients & providers successfully use the applications necessary to have a productive virtual visit. This has created an increased burden on already over-taxed IT and application support staff. PDS can help ease this burden and improve patient adoption and satisfaction with your virtual care services through our telehealth support and patient outreach offerings.

Telehealth Support - Patient Outreach

Do you know how much service desk support is costing you?

Evaluating the need for your organization, understanding the risks, and determining the best solution can be a tall order, but the service desk cost calculator should help to get you started estimating the cost of internal support for organization.

Service Desk Cost Calculator


  • Major increase in patient call volumes.
  • High Cost of supporting patient environments.
  • IT service staff are not skilled at supporting patients.
  • Need to allocate highly compensated staff to support “low value” work.
  • Technical issues get in the way of delivering virtual care, impacting both provider and patient satisfaction.
  • Suboptimal support leads to lower provider and patient satisfaction scores.


PDS creates a scalable healthcare support service model for healthcare organizations of all sizes, with a methodology that seamlessly and transparently assigns access to knowledgeable Midwest based analysts. We partner with our clients to pro-actively reach out to patients prior to their scheduled virtual visit. We then help and guide them through workflow, complete self-tests for audio and video setting, and ensure a smooth and timely visit with the clinician. We offer:

  • An have an experienced staff supporting unique requirements of each patient.
  • We maximize the time spent on care delivery during each virtual visit.
  • 24/7/365 accessibility is provided to ensure support is available whenever your patients need it.
  • There is the ability to scale up and down as volume requires.
  • We use a rigorous hiring and training process for our service desk staff.

Why PDS?

  • PDS leads the industry in the years of experience with providing help desk & IT support.
  • Most experienced partner supporting the wide range of virtual visit technologies.
  • Low employee turnover rate means our analysts stay and learn your business.
  • We free up your staff to work on higher value add projects.
  • PDS helps reduce the cost of IT support by standardizing our processes without sacrificing call quality.
  • We support high call volumes without compromising the customer experience.

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