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Have you reached your patient portal adoption goals? If you are still struggling to get patients to activate & utilize their portal access, we can help with our patient portal service desk!

Despite the broad adoption of e-commerce, video chats, and other consumer technologies, healthcare providers still face challenges with achieving their portal adoption metrics. And once patients are enrolled, new challenges emerge: how to encourage the use of all available portal features while also optimizing patient satisfaction levels?


  • Overwhelming patient call volume, resulting in a drop in patient satisfaction.
  • Low adoption rates and even lower patient engagement levels.
  • Lack of support staff who can provide top-quality patient support at a lower cost.
  • Supporting patient use of technologies is a time drain for IT staff.
  • Poor utilization rate of patient portal increases time spent by higher cost clinical support staff to address basic patient needs.

Proper support is critical to the ongoing success and growth of the Epic MyChart Patient Portal and patient engagement. Supporting patients can easily overwhelm your internal IT team and prevent them from supporting physicians, clinicians, and other users. Managing this basic support services internally can impact quality, cost efficiency, and productivity.

Can a partner help improve patient engagement on your portal?

Read the MyChart Patient Portal Service Desk case study to learn more.

Read the MyChart Service Desk Case Study

Our Patient Portal Service Desk solutions can help you to speed adoption and reduce the friction that too often discourages patients from becoming regular portal users.

Our patient portal service desk team has extensive experience with MyChart as well as a myriad of other portal products common in the healthcare market. Our team has worked with dozens of health systems already, serving as our clients’ portal support resources and ambassadors to encourage greater use of portal functionality.


PDS creates a scalable outsourced patient service desk support model for healthcare organizations of all sizes, with a methodology that seamlessly and transparently provides quick and easy access to knowledgeable analysts.

Our Midwest-based, highly skilled team provides a superior patient healthcare support service experience, while allowing your organization to focus on growth and expansion of other valuable online services. We offer:

  • Highly flexible offerings
  • 24/7 accessibility to provide support whenever your patients need it
  • Experienced team of patient portal service desk support analysts who excel at working with patients and providers
  • Ability to scale up and down as volume requires
  • Rigorous hiring and training process for patient service desk staff to ensure quality of service and analyst knowledge
  • Over 95% first call resolution rate – which means less than 5% of calls are escalated to your internal analysts
  • Consistency of performance and improved FCR and TTC times

Why PDS?

  • Our team has 20+ years of experience providing patient portal support services.
  • We provide cost savings without sacrificing call quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We experience a low employee turnover rate which means our analysts stay and learn your business.
  • Help reduce the cost of IT support by standardizing our support processes.
  • We use a data-driven approach to provide support services.
  • We support high call volumes without compromising the customer experience.

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