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Digital Workplace Platforms

Now more than ever, organizations are finding themselves in a position to accelerate digital transformation to address the increasing needs of their virtualized work environments. This requires ensuring team members can work from anywhere and students can learn from anywhere…with any device. These environments must provide access to the right applications, access to corporate data, allow collaboration, and above all, be highly secure!

Overview from John Miller, EVP/GM, National Sales
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Work & Learn from Anywhere

To support a robust digital workplace platform, includes having the right set of technology in place based on the role and needs of specific users. This extends from traditional personal devices, to mobile technology, smart technology, and industry-specific technology that support the technology needs of exam rooms, classrooms, sales associates, field service technicians, etc. It also means having integrated collaboration technologies to ensure secure and simple accessibility regardless of which device or location the user is in. PDS provides the right level of both end user technology consulting, as well as industry-specific technology to enable today’s blended worker.

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Digital Workplace Services

Digital Workplace Services are the intersection of innovative technology and first-rate support services, enabling the modern workforce of today to work wherever and whenever they want in a secured environment. This virtual mobile flexibility should also include facilitating collaboration which allows workers, teachers, and students to access the applications they need to be productive and complete their work. We understand this digital transformation evolution and have the experience and know how to help you accelerate this shift.

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Product Support

With the everchanging landscape of the evolving workforce and growing number of diverse devices accessing your information technology environment, hardware maintenance and support is now taking on a more critical role in the service and support plan. PDS has been providing a full range of support systems since our inception and through the years have become experts at creating innovative ways to make end user support and device management easier for our customers. We offer simple and affordable ways for organizations to protect their investment, reduce the workload of their IT staff, and ensure that users have the tools they need, when they need them.

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Enterprise Solutions

We are focused on helping clients make sense of the fast-paced technology chaos of today, shifting them to a cloud first strategy while aggressively denying ongoing security threats. Our approach starts with understanding your business goals and technology capabilities. We will then work with you through ideation, consultation, and design all while weaving in critical security elements to build a holistic IT strategy.

Modernizing the Data Center

Transforming your data center from a group of simple servers to enabling digital infrastructures and distributed workloads. This allows you to maximize your data’s value, empower employees with information, applications, and analytics needed to be more productive.

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Modernizing the Network

Complexities are inherent in the networks of today. With end users demanding to have access to critical applications and business data with the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time regardless of their chosen device. Modernizing the network to include automation, mobility, visibility, and analytics is now an immediate imperative.

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Defending your computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and electronic systems, and data from malicious cyber-attacks is the new normal! No organization is immune from this risk!

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Hybrid Cloud

Modern data environments using hybrid cloud models, can provide the flexibility needed to control and easily move your data between public clouds and within your own infrastructure environments.

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Advisory Services

Whatever your industry, markets are evolving at an extremely rapid pace. The good news is that often, swift change brings significant opportunities; Cloud, Modernization, Digital Transformation, and Cybersecurity to name a few.

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Managed Services

From the office of the CEO to the manufacturing floor, doctor’s office, or classroom, servers and infrastructure need to be up and flawlessly running 24×7, 365 days a year. End users now demand access to critical applications and data. Failure to provide this level of availability is no longer an option.

Service Desk

In this time of accelerated change, organizations face the challenge of meeting the support need of their user populations. How are you ensuring the best customer, patient, clinicians, and end user experience? We have been helping our corporate, healthcare, education, and government clients of all sizes for over 20 years. We work with you to enable a scalable support model, unique to your needs, that seamlessly and transparently provides quick and easy access to our knowledgeable support analysts. Whether its 24 x 7 or After-Hours Support, we can help.

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Modern Business Data Services

We provide a full-service, 360-degree suite of managed service offerings that let the experts at PDS take the burden of all routine management off your IT systems team and allows them to focus on strategic projects.

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Security MSP

Businesses today are seeking to achieve outcomes through security and the work from home model is reshaping service offerings. This situation, along with the growing number of cybersecurity attacks, is driving the need to find purpose-built offerings to secure organizations in this evolving threat landscape. PDS has longstanding relationships with numerous technology partners who have deep working knowledge of cybersecurity frameworks and how best to secure and protect customers in this vulnerable threat era.

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Deployment Services

Many Information Technology Staffing firms can find candidates, we take the time to work through our disciplined process, understand your unique requirements, and find you the right candidates. Our customized approach ensures you can meet the IT Staffing needs of your organization. We offer flexible services, whether permanent or temporary, long term or short term, that best fit your needs.

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Microsoft Services

End users adopted this new flexible work and learn approach and now, moving forward, the next chapter will be a hybrid work from anywhere model. PDS can help position your end users with Microsoft productivity and collaboration solutions, the tools designed to foster creativity, build teamwork, and simplify security workflows across the enterprise.

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