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To ensure the ultimate success of your hybrid cloud environment, you need a flexible strategic plan that rapidly and dynamically moves critical workloads and can quickly adapt to evolving digital transformation initiatives.

Finding the right mix of hybrid cloud can be a challenge, leaving enterprises caught between the old and new methods of computing, storing data, and retrieving data. PDS has the experience and expertise to help you master these hybrid cloud challenges.


  • Core network challenges: lack of automation, complex routing, compliance risks
  • WAN challenges: No traffic visibility, cloud integration is complex, no automation, no single management platform
  • Poor network performance, work from anywhere comes with bandwidth issues
  • High cost to maintain older network equipment
  • Network vendor lock-in


We can help architect and design a modern network that takes into consideration elements to position organizations for future success while ensuring the security of your critical applications and data.

Modern networks put applications and end user experience first when architecting the right solution, considering:

  • Network Core
  • Data Center Access
  • Network vs Cloud
  • Cloud
  • Campus
  • Wireless
  • WAN

We include these network elements into our network designs:

  • Network Security
  • Automation
  • Visibility
  • Analytics

The PDS Difference

We design networks to provide:

  • Ease of use and automation
  • Organization-wide visibility of application traffic and performance
  • Security control with Zero Trust
  • Native Cloud integrations
  • Scalability – Pay as you grow, scale as you grow
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Highly Automated No box-by-box networking

Why PDS?

  • Our experience matters. We have over 100 years of combined network design and implementation expertise, allowing us to move beyond ordinary recommendations and heighten the discussion to provide true thought leadership.
  • We employ an experienced and certified team of Midwest network professionals across many of the top network topologies.
  • We reduce cost, complexity, and risk.
  • Our many years of practical network practice allow us to move beyond ordinary recommendations and heighten the discussion to provide true thought leadership.
  • We have strong relationships with a broad range of industry-leading network partners.
  • Our steadfast standard in everything we do, is that all our designs are business-aligned, risk-aware and completed taking a holistic view of our customers entire network framework.
  • We are open to customizing a network design to fit your unique requirements

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