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Identity Management (IM) tools are needed today to keep your data secure and manage digital identities and policy permissions.

Many enterprises are need to replace their manual Identity Management (IM) environments and are seeking a complete, holistic, and flexible solution to improve workflows and eliminate compliance risk in adapting to increasingly virtualized work environments.


Our experienced Identity Governance security consultants can work with you to understand your current IAM posture and develop a comprehensive plan to enable and secure digital identities for all end users to access applications and data. This will include an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform to protect your most sensitive information and increases your organizational efficiency and agility.


  • Constantly evolving security landscape is increasingly complex.
  • Lack of a cloud-based, centralized identity and access governance tool.
  • Manual nature of identity and access governance responsibilities increase risk and cost.
  • Segregation of Duties (SOD) and tasks surrounding SOD are very inefficient and require coding resources.
  • Prevalence of homegrown tools for identity access provisioning.
  • On-boarding employees, contractors provisioning time increased by manual IM processes.


  • Solid identity lifecycle management solution
  • Automated real-time provisioning through integration with an IDM solution
  • Event based micro-certifications
  • Factory application onboarding model
  • Risk-aware access requests and reviews
  • Risk-based access review and certification campaigns

Why PDS?

  • PDS has access to Nationally Accredited and Certified partners in all aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Our experience matters. We have 100 years of combined security strategy, business alignment, and risk mitigation expertise.
  • We employ an experienced and certified team of security professionals.
  • Our many years of practical physical security practice allows us to move beyond ordinary recommendations and heighten the discussion to provide true thought leadership.
  • We reduce cost, complexity, and risk.
  • We have strong relationships with a broad range of cybersecurity partners.
  • Our steadfast standard in everything we do, is that all our designs are business-aligned, risk-aware and completed taking a holistic view of our customers entire security framework.
  • We are open to customizing a Identity Governance solution design for your unique requirements.

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