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Technology moves at a lightning speed, constantly evolving into newer, better, smaller, and faster ways to compute and communicate. Streamlining your hardware deployment is no longer a project, it is now an imperative.

Our Facility

We manage the fulfillment and configuration of Midwest customers’ IT equipment in our 50,000-square-foot facility, providing efficiency in order processing and consistency in configuration. PDS helps ensure product availability and prepares a large quantity of devices to be prepared efficiently.

We will work with you to procure and warehouse devices and any other IT equipment, eliminating sourcing delays, ensuring project continuity, and reducing your product handling costs. We work with our clients to establish appropriate stocking levels for all standard products and will manage the levels based upon lifecycle and procurement trends. PDS typically will maintain a 30-day supply of stock for most models, depending on manufacturer order fulfillment time frames.

Physical Configuration

We offer physical configuration services, designed to relieve you of the assembly burden. Common Services include:

  • Asset Tagging
  • Custom Labeling
  • Component Installation
  • Component Sub-Assembly
  • Workstation on Wheels (WOW) Configuration
  • Mobile Classroom Cart Configuration

*We are open to customizing a deployment offering to align to your unique needs. 

Electronic Configuration

Even the smallest business environments require some level of customization to “out-of-box” devices to make them functional in the environment. PDS offers a variety of standard electronic configuration services to ensure devices meet the requirements of your computing environment.

  • Power – Up Inspection
  • BIOs and Firmware Configuration
  • Base Load Imaging
  • For Chrome OS devices, after installing the latest version of OS, PDS can also register the devices for you.

Virtual Site Staging™

PDS has been doing Virtual Site Staging™ (our trademarked term for “dynamic imaging “) since 1999. This imaging and configuration service, which provides a secure, logically separated connection between your own network and our Configuration Center, allows us to perform tasks that normally would not be possible without access to resources on your network.

Packaging Solutions

PDS packaging solutions allow the hand-off from our configuration team to your deployment team to be as seamless as possible. We have several unique Packaging and Delivery Solutions:

Rack N Roll℠ Packaging and Deployment System
Rack N Roll℠ is ideal for those locations that are stocking an Information Technology Store or doing continued roll-out of multiple PCs. PDS Standard Rack N Roll℠ values include:

  • Removing items from box and repackaging of units on Rack N Roll℠ deployment carts.
  • Repacking of keyboards and mice into specialized deployment-ready modules as requested.
  • Pre-sorting specialized hardware into deployment ready groups (e.g., High level engineering PCs on one rack, standard level operations PCs on another).
  • Customized labeling of racks (if required).

Nickel-Pack™ Multi-Pack System
Nickel-Pack™ is ideal for those locations where Rack N Roll℠ is not a fit.  The multi-PC box is easy for one person to dolly–transfer within a facility. The Nickel-Pack™ values include:

  • Removing items from box and repackaging of units in Nickel-Pack™ multi-pack system.
  • Repacking of keyboards and mice into specialized bulk-pack modules as requested.
  • Customized labeling of package (if required).

Laptop Tote
The laptop tote is ideal for laptop or tablet refreshes or other large-scale deployments.  The multi-laptop tote is easy for one person to carry.

Customer Work Instruction System

The CWI is a database of client-specific requirements for the way PDS configures hardware and software, and how we package and deliver IT equipment. Our CWI records provide information about:

  • Physical Attributes
  • Electronic Configuration & Imaging
  • Packaging

Logistic Services

PDS Managed deliveries eliminates the need to manually track all your orders and shipments. Offering elements:

  • Designated delivery time per approved location (driver will arrive within 60 minutes of designated time or will pre-notify the site contact of any delays or early arrival)
  • Inside delivery to IT stock room or deployment area.
  • Removal of empty Rack N Roll Racks or laptop totes.
  • Pick up of any equipment designated for depot repair or retirement.

Why PDS?

  • PDS is an end point to enterprise organization, meaning we can leverage a broad range of technical skills as needed to ensure deployment project success.
  • We are Quality (ISO 9000 certified).
  • We employ logistics-certified field engineers and have our own fleet of trucks, vans, and logistics equipment, all at the ready to meet your deployment schedules.
  • PDS developed Rack N Roll℠ and Nickel-Pack to help speed and address deployment needs.
  • Our Midwest Configuration Center (MCC) is a secure 50,000 sq. ft. configurations and logistics hub in Oconomowoc, WI.
  • We are open to working with you and customizing a deployment strategy to meet and exceed your unique requirements.

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