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Managing the life of a PC is like managing your own. If you want an easy, hassle-free retirement, you need to start planning yesterday.

Concerns about data confidentiality, financial depreciation, and environmental impact may have you considering an expansion of that junk closet down the hall, but there is a better place for PC retirement…and it’s not a condo in Miami.

PDS can haul ‘em away as easy as we bring ‘em in. With our patented Rack N Roll℠ packaging and deployment system, designated Recycle Bins, innovative sparing programs, and easy-to-manage disposal plans, PDS makes retirement just another simple step in the circle of life.

How it Works

PDS has a strong partnership with asset retirement vendors who are full-service computer and other technology equipment retirement companies. Together we manage all aspects of equipment recycling, including:

Data Security

We know how concerned you are about your data. That is why all media are sanitized to NIST 800-88 guidelines, and if you do not think that is enough, we will remove the drive and put it through a shredder at no additional cost. We also remove all asset tags and other identifying marks from the equipment.

Audit Tracking

We record the serial number and asset tag and track the disposition of all equipment we collect and report that information to you through electronic or paper reports. We can also assist with your own internal asset tracking.

Rebate Management

Earn revenue for your equipment through our rebate program. We share a percentage of revenue generated from the resale of your reusable equipment.

Testing, Refurbishing, and Resale

Our A+ trained technicians perform diagnostic tests and repairs to enable us to maximize the resale value (and rebate returns) for your marketable equipment and components.

Environmentally Responsible Recycling

Our disassembly technicians remove hazardous materials from your equipment and separate valuable recyclable commodities for further processing. We provide the most comprehensive and environmentally responsible electronic equipment disposition program available. We never export unprocessed equipment. Our partner is certified to the e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling – the most stringent standard in the industry.

The PDS Difference

  • Rack N Roll℠ Packaging and deployment system brought to you by PDS!
  • Designated Recycle Bins
  • Pickup is FREE if scheduled in conjunction with your managed delivery
  • Rebate sharing on resold retired systems
  • Deal with only one vendor for your managed IT Logistics and Transport Services
  • Streamlined Lifecycle Services

Following is a list of typical items that are sent in for retirement. Please contact your PDS Account Manager for the most recent processing fees.

Audio/Video Equipment
VCR, projector, DVD or DVR device, video/audio editing device, digital camera
Loose rechargeable or disposable batteries. Does not include batteries contained within Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) or contained within complete computer devices
Computing Device
Desktop Computer or Server, thin client, includes cost to perform a one-pass wipe on salable drives or to shred any obsolete damaged or unsellable hard drives
Computer/Display Combo Unit
Monitor/Computer combo unit, all-in-one point of sale equipment includes cost to perform a one-pass wipe on salable drives or shred any obsolete damaged or unsellable drives in the unit.
Handheld Communication Device
Telephone, handset, cell phone, PDA, Palm Pilot, pager, Blackberry, Barcode Scanner
Hard Drive
Loose hard drives. Hard drives contained within units may be pulled and inventoried when customer gives advance notice to PDS. Includes cost to perform a one-pass wipe on salable drives or to shred any obsolete, damaged, or unsellable hard drives in the unit
Imaging Device
Printer, doc. scanner, fax machine, desktop plotter, point of sale printers, desktop copier
Laptop Computer
Laptop computer, tablet PC, net book. Includes the cost to perform a one-pass wipe on salable drives or to shred any obsolete, damaged, or unsellable hard drives in the unit
Media (Inventoried)
Data tapes and other media traced by a unique serial number. NOTE: these items must be identified ahead of time for individual tracking

Additional Services

On-site Services Available
The following are PDS’s on-site service offerings. Cost for the below services can be quoted on request.

  • On-site Inventory (record S/N, model, etc.)
  • On-site Wiping of HDD (1 pass)
  • On-site Hard Drive Crushing

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