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Rack N Roll℠ is a PDS developed in-house packaging and delivery methodology and is designed for organizations in many industries and of all sizes.

PDS works with clients in Healthcare, Government, Education and Corporate entities to help minimize the logistical burden of their workstation deployments, saving both money and time. By using our patented Rack N Roll℠ approach, we can deliver PCs, monitors, and peripherals in one complete rack.

Rack N Roll℠

Within the PDS ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, hardware is unboxed, configured, software images are loaded, asset tags are applied, systems are tested, Data Management Interface (DMI) and other asset data is captured, and the systems are Racked and ready to Roll to your location(s) via client specific delivery instructions. Instead of a logistical nightmare, deployments are fast, easy, inexpensive, and legacy systems can be hauled away to be recycled via an EPA certified process. Your highly paid technicians no longer need to work with box cutters and screw drivers, they are free to be technicians.

We Offer

  • A proven and PDS patented workstation packaging and delivery system.
  • Includes: manufactured box unloading, device configuration, S/W image load, asset tagging and application, system testing, DMI and other data is captured.
  • A solid solution for organizations with limited staging space. Access to an experienced Midwest based Warehousing, Configuration, and Logistics team to assist with your deployment project.
  • All Rack N Roll℠ work is completed in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.
  • Recycling with an EPA certified process is available.

Why PDS?

  • Increase the efficiency of your technical staff
  • Reduce labor costs for configuration
  • Increase automation, accuracy, and timeliness of asset information
  • Reduce labor costs in receiving
  • Reduce facility requirements
  • Reduce waste disposal and recycling costs
  • Eliminate product damage, product incompatibilities and “dead-on-arrival” equipment
  • Employ potential reintroduction programs where we warehouse, reconfigure, and re-deploy your assets
  • Increase potential revenue and cash back to you via recycling programs

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