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Are you 100% certain that all employees who have access to your data are accessing the right data, for the right reasons? Do you have a framework that ensures role-based access is in place to keep that data secure?

Engage with our seasoned PDS Identity and Access Management (IAM) team to conduct an assessment to explore how leveraging an enterprise IAM solution could help streamline operations, increase security, improve end-user satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and establish a framework for all future identity-driven applications and services. The lifeblood of your organization is your data. Bottom-line? You need  to keep your data safe!

Common Business Drivers

  • Executive leadership desire to increase operational effectiveness while securing enterprise applications.
  • Need to accelerate the on boarding process to grant correct employee access to required applications.
  • Requirement to enhance security controls and auditing capabilities surrounding user access.
  • Desire to decrease manual processes for auditing security systems, thereby increasing accuracy with automated auditing.
  • Need for enterprise password self service tool to increase end user satisfaction and productivity.
  • Need for a clear delineation of each end user’s role access.


First step is to schedule a PDS Identity Management Workshop, where we will work with you to develop an initial list of applications and systems that may be good candidates for identity and security automation. This exercise is focused on identifying systems whose information is considered authoritative for one or more data elements. Designating and linking authoritative data sources is the important initial step toward establishing an effective enterprise Identity Management solution.

  • PDS will implement a commercially supported, industry leading Identity Management tool set.
  • We will reduce the amount of time required to setup and remove user accounts by intelligently acting on events that occur within the identity system.
  • We will reduce costs and improve performance by identifying and eliminating duplicate administrative tasks.
  • Provide a consistent and repeatable process for the automation and fulfillment of security requests across key business systems.
  • Provide for secure and auditable identity lifecycle processes that will help satisfy unique recommendations.
  • Other valuable insights

Why PDS?

  • Our experience matters. We have 55 years of combined Identity Access Management strategy and business alignment expertise.
  • We employ an experienced and certified team of IAM professionals.
  • Our many years of practical IAM and Identity Governance practice allows us to move beyond ordinary recommendations and heighten the discussion to provide true thought leadership.
  • We reduce cost, complexity, and risk.
  • We have strong relationships with a broad range of IAM partners.
  • Our steadfast standard in everything we do, is that all our designs are business-aligned, risk-aware and completed taking a holistic view of our customers entire security framework.
  • We are open to customizing an identity access strategy assessment for your unique requirements.

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