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Cloud security frameworks can be tricky! Are you 100% certain that all people who have access to your critical business data are accessing it for the right reasons?

Do you have a solid cloud security framework that ensures the right controls are in place to keep data secure? Engage with our seasoned PDS security team to conduct a security evaluation based on industry best practices to determine your cloud security readiness.

Common Business Drivers

  • Limited visibility into networks, applications, and data.
  • Line of business are adding requirements to enhance security controls and auditing capabilities surrounding user access.
  • Cloud computing environments increase a multitude of cybersecurity attacks such as phishing and social engineering.
  • Increasing concern around data exposure to unauthorized users in a multi-tenant database environment.
  • No clear delineation of each data user’s role access.


PDS experienced security team will utilize security best practices from the industry, Microsoft, and other standards such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to evaluate the security readiness of your cloud environment. Our approach is three phased and starts with a thorough discovery, moves to auditing the numerus control areas of cloud frameworks, and finally leads to a comprehensive final security analysis.

Cloud Security Services Project Phases

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Security Analysis

Why PDS?

  • Our experience matters. We have 100 years of combined Security, Identity Access Management (IAM), and strategy business alignment expertise.
  • We employ an experienced and certified team of security and IAM professionals.
  • Our many years of practical security experience allows us to move beyond ordinary recommendations and heighten the discussion to provide true thought leadership.
  • We reduce cost, complexity, and risk.
  • We have strong relationships with a broad range of security partners.
  • Our steadfast standard in everything we do, is that all our designs are business-aligned, risk-aware and completed taking a holistic view of our customers entire security framework.
  • We are open to customizing a cloud security services assessment for your unique requirements.

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