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Maximize your E-Rate funding! More than $4 Billion is available for FY 2021!

Let PDS help you secure your share of the funding and support your district’s technology initiatives. We ensure your students, teachers, and administration have full access to an IT infrastructure that is designed to be available and safe in today’s hybrid online learning environment.

E-Rate Funding

E-rate funding helps modernize and streamline technology in school districts with a focus on expanding funding for Wi-Fi networks in elementary and secondary schools as well as libraries across the United States. There are changes in 2021. The good news is that the application process has undergone several modifications to ensure all education end users have affordable access to high-speed internet,  supporting digital learning, and maximizing the cost-effectiveness of approved purchases. The unfortunate news is that the process is still complicated. Let our PDS Education Team help navigate the E-Rate landscape to position your students for success.


  • E-Rate is a complex funding process.
  • The continued effects of the  global COVID-19 pandemic have significantly strained school district IT resources.
  • Methods of online curriculum delivery are constantly changing; it is difficult to keep up.
  • Steady increase of 1 to 1 device initiatives leading to higher demands on school district networks.
  • End User Wi-Fi expectation level remains higher than ever.
  • Supporting IT infrastructure management within school districts is extremely challenging.
  • With ever-changing network needs, IT costs are difficult to predict.

We Offer

  • A knowledgeable PDS Education team who works with technology partners to secure competitive pricing on customized solutions that that align to your E-Rate requirements.
  • We provide experienced PDS technical resources to analyze your unique technology needs and help design a customized deployment plan.
  • PDS provides an end-to-end E-Rate experience, including product consultation, procurement planning, deployment, implementation, and on-going support services.


  • Predictability – Districts will understand financial and labor costs of maintaining network performance levels
  • Cash Flow – No upfront capital outlay needed; payments can be spread out over the term of the agreement
  • Scalability – District capacity can be purchased and reduced as needed
  • Flexibility – Ability to change technology to align with districts needs
  • Cost Recovery – A school districts’ most innovative resources are its IT staff. PDS Managed Network allows these resources to focus on their own core competencies not maintaining a network

Why PDS?

  • Experienced and knowledgeable product consultants who can help you navigate the complexities of the E-Rate process.
  • Product consultants who have strong relationships with a broad range of network manufacturers and who stay ahead of the product roadmaps to ensure you have product supply when you need it.
  • Our experience matters. We have over 100 years of combined network design and implementation expertise, allowing us to move beyond ordinary recommendations and heighten the discussion to provide true thought leadership.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with E-Rate funding and planning today.

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