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PDS expands Telehealth Support capabilities to meet the rising demand for virtual visits in healthcare.

By August 19, 2020October 11th, 2021No Comments

8/11/2020 Madison, WI –  PDS announced that they are accelerating the expansion of their telehealth support capabilities to meet the rising demand for healthcare televisits. During this pandemic, clinicians and patients are increasingly finding that in many cases virtual visits are safer, convenient and often cost effective compared to in-person consultations. In-keeping with the surging demand, PDS is expanding its technology capabilities as well as their workforce focused on supporting their customers.  In a time when many businesses are slimming down, the Brookfield based company continues to grow their support operations, serving their customers providing jobs for area residents.

While most of the industry has been forced to limit in-person interactions to conduct business, healthcare providers have seen dramatic increase in tele-health visits – in some cases as much as 1000% – since the start of the pandemic.

“Our MyChart user base has grown from 336 thousand registered users on March 1, 2020 to 388 thousand,” said Rob Basham, Director of Patient Experience and Digital Health at Scripps Health. “In response we rapidly rolled out video visits to all of our Primary Care and Specialty groups across our health system and went from less than 50 video visits a week to over 2,500 video visits per day.

This trend has flooded our already tapped healthcare IT teams with support needs from patients, and many providers just do not have the capacity to meet the increased demand for patient support.

“The reality is that people have the same expectations now for their healthcare experience as they do for their other consumer experience,” said Greg Fliearman, Principal Architect at PDS. “Patients now expect an always-on, user-friendly, one-click experience when interacting with their healthcare provider, and this means a 24x7x365 support solution that’s fully equipped to support patients when they need it”

The PDS telehealth support team gives providers a turn-key solution ensuring their patients have around-the-clock access to a team of highly trained support analysts. PDS has provided patients technical support for 16 years and handles more than 700,000 patient calls annually for healthcare providers across the country. In recent weeks, PDS has tripled the number of healthcare service providers that utilize their telehealth support offerings.

“PDS has been a strategic partner with Scripps Health during the Covid-19 pandemic.” Rob Basham continued. “They’ve become an extension of the Scripps Health team that has seamlessly been able to help our growing patient community to quickly and efficiently set-up their MyChart accounts and prepare them to have their first video visit. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, PDS has risen to the occasion and provided our end-users with a superior customer service experience.

PDS continues to expand and enhance technology and services capabilities to support their customers and their community through these unprecedented times. PDS’s commitment helps get patients get the healthcare they need, it helps clinicians and healthcare IT focus on patient care, and it provides jobs for area residents.


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