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VIDEO: Important CARES Act Update for Education

By May 8, 2020June 22nd, 2021No Comments

PDS would like to provide you an important update regarding the CARES Act and the impact to Education. With nearly $31b in the Act allocated towards Education Stabilization Funds, we are at a point now where academic institutions can begin leveraging these benefits. It is very important you ACT NOW.

Why? It cannot be overstated how stressed the supply chain is, especially for student devices.  Many academic institutions have already or are racing to get this portion of their technology orders in so they don’t miss the opportunity to impact the next school year.  This is a serious global shortage issue.  Waiting on this will likely impact you having devices ready for the next academic year. The video above will provide some more information on the following topics and help you understand how you need to respond.

  • CARES ACT Update
  • Distribution of Funds
  • Direction for PD, Access, and Information Technology
  • Specific Technology Needs for Remote Learning
  • Requirements and Contracts for Sourcing Aligned Technology and Services

Learn More about the CARES Act and how PDS can help.