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The Badger Outsider: 002 (Derek Blakeslee on the Wilde & Tausch Show)

By September 6, 2019June 22nd, 2021No Comments

This week Derek shares his early enthusiasm for the Bader’s season after an explosive performance in their season opener. He also tries to cover for some missed week 1 predictions, and gives his picks for week 2.

“The Badger Outsider” is a a weekly radio segment on the Wilde & Tausch Show on ESPN Milwaukee (94.5FM) and ESPN Madison (100.5FM). In this conversation PDSer and self-proclaimed “Badger Outsider”, Derek Blakeslee, joins treasured American sports journalists, Jason Wilde, and Packer Hall of Famer, Mark Tauscher, as the ‘voice of the fan’ to discuss Wisconsin sports, technology and other random topics.