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PDS launches Identity Management Module for Epic

By June 4, 2020June 22nd, 2021No Comments

Madison, WI, Jun 04, 2020 – PDS announced today the official launch of their Identity Management (IDM) module for Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software.

As use of EMR data continues to grow, security of patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI) is a top concern for healthcare organizations. Consistent, role-based access for authorized users is more important than ever. Without the automation provided by an Identity Management (IDM) solution integrated into your Epic environment, the repetitive account management tasks required to ensure appropriate and secure access to Epic resources can be time-intensive and costly.

“PDS has been providing Identity and Access Management solutions for our customers for over 10 years,” said Tamara Korbel, Executive Director and CISO at PDS. “With our close relationship with our healthcare partners we became aware of a lack of integrated Identity Management solutions since the big move to EMR systems in 2014.”

PDS recognized the need to extend the traditional benefits of these Identity Management systems to one of Healthcare’s most critical applications, Epic. PDS developed the Integration Module for Epic at the Epic API layer for use with the Micro Focus® Identity Manager product. The PDS Integration Module translates account lifecycle activities to Epic in real-time and automatically assigns security templates based on role(s). Roles and security are updated throughout the lifecycle of the authorized user ensuring consistent and compliant access to patient information at all times.

The module is now officially listed in the “App Orchard”, the marketplace of 3rd party apps that have been official recognized and approved for integration by Epic.

“This is a 100% PDS developed solutions,” Korbel continued. “We’re excited that it now is fully approved by Epic for for integration with their systems and we look forward to supporting more of our healthcare partners with this solution.”

For more information about the module visit:

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