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We are committed to offering students the flexibility to Learn from Anywhere.

With the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic over the past year, Learn from Anywhere is not only a great concept, but is now an imperative in any learning environment. Chrome Complete Care provides students, parents, and school administrators with peace of mind by offering easy and flexible repair and replacement options for the duration of a student’s time with their device.

Chrome Complete Care Solution:

With focus on the development of skills like problem-solving, effective communication and time management now intertwined with digital literacy, keeping devices up and running is as important as a healthy stock of No. 2 pencils. Our Chrome Complete Care service offers a 7-day turnaround time for most any issue; including  drops and spills. To provide students with access to the latest learning tools, school districts require consistently available, low-cost devices that function for a minimum of four years. Many school districts are facing the challenge of repairing and replacing these devices after deployment. PDS Chrome Complete Care is a simple and affordable way for school districts to protect their investment, reduce the workload of their IT staff, and ensure that kids have the tools they need to get their schoolwork done.

We offer:

  • Low-cost repair and replace options to protect your device investment
  • Flexible and simple options are available
  • Repair and replace options that free up your school IT staff to work on higher initiative projects
  • Worry free repair and replace options to minimize student learning disruption

Benefits of PDS Chrome Complete Care?

Using parts on hand, PDS experts repair the devices of most major manufacturers

  • Single or Multi-year Options Available
  • All Repairs – Off-site
  • Hybrid Coverage Options
  • Typical Turn Around in 7 Days
  • No Trip Charge, Pick Up and Delivery Included
  • No Deductible *
  • Maintain Continuous Functionality
  • Parts and Labor Included

Included Repairs

  • Accidental Damage from drops and spills
  • *Excludes touch screen units

Supported Manufacturers

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