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Check back soon for info on the next webinar in the 2020 Vision Series

In this webinar series, we invite you to explore our “2020 Vision.”

2020 Vision is a look forward at what technologies are, how they’re shaping our lives and our jobs, and how we can leverage them for success. This 2020 Vision aims to understand what’s on the horizon, and to help us bring clarity to the goals we’re setting for the future of our information technologies. This vision can be described simply as “Connected IT.” It puts your organizations and mission at the center and focuses on leveraging technology to:

  • Connect people to people
  • Connect people to technology
  • Connect technology to technology
  • And ultimately, to connect your organization to your strategic objectives

Each segment in this series will look at a different area of our information systems. We’ll talk about emerging trends in each area, how they impact your organization and IT, and what you need to be doing about them now.

Meeting the Modern Demands on Your Network with Networking as a Service (Naas)

The demand for technology and the speed with which it evolves requires organizations to implement a network infrastructure that can quickly adapt while maintaining a high level of reliability and efficiency. We now have new high density definitions in wireless networking that exceed the requirements of the past. Organization are required to maintain a utility grade network infrastructure – with the same level of user expectations and reliability requirements as other standard utilities like electricity, heating or plumbing.

This level of infrastructure is often challenging to acquire, maintain and manage without dramatically increasing maintenance costs and/or headcount – and even more challenging to predict future networking needs. Network as a Service (NaaS) is an effective way to create an adaptable infrastructure without increasing management costs or headcount. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the advantages of NaaS and how the approach can offer you:

  • Predictability
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Cash Flow
  • Cost Recovery
  • Consistency

Host: Jack MacKenzie – Regional Vice President at Sales at PDS
Speaker: Greg Fliearman – Director Service Operations at PDS


Greg Fliearman

About Greg Fliearman

Greg Fliearman began his 20+ year IT career in the United States Marine Corps, during this time, he developed and matured his process knowledge and experience with various forms of technology.  This foundation benefited his later work operating, developing and managing IT solutions in an array of industries.

Greg is responsible for various aspects of the PDS Service Operations organization such as; Support and Managed Services, Technical Services, Field Services and Client Management Services.  This allows him to provide our clients with an end to end exceptional support experience.

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