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What’s the strength of your DAG? Take the PDS and CyberRes “Data Access Governance for the Real World” assessment to find out.

An effective, unified, IT governance framework analyzes identities and data so you can gain insight into what data you have, who has access, and how access is controlled. Different organizational requirements, existing technology implementations and security stages all affect how a Data Access Governance (DAG) strategy is planned and executed.

This Data Access Governance assessment will help you determine where you are in your journey toward managing risks associated with unstructured data, and help you create a roadmap for where you want to go, with personalized recommendations on how to progress to the next stage. The assessment is:

  • A Free Online Assessment based on the NIST & Data Security Governance frameworks.
  • 20 Questions which will take about 10 minutes.
  • Covering all technologies that impact a Data Access Governance strategy.
  • Includes gap Analysis with Personalized Recommendations, which would be virtually presented by team of experts after Analysis – 1 Week after filling in the Online Assessment.
  • Also a Free Half a Day Data Access Governance Workshop for Deep Dive Analysis with relevant stakeholders, after the initial Assessment discussion .
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DAG Assessment

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Section 1: Identity

Have you formaly engaged in a strategy to map the risks of unstructured datasets to business needs?*
Have you identified and prioritized high-value unstructured datasets along with the data owners responsible for this data?*
Have you defined policies and technology standards related to Data Access Governance?*
Does your Identity Governance strategy include Data Access Governance for governing access and entitlements to unstructured data?*
Does your access control strategy for unstructured data include identity and access management (IAM) controls?*