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PDS Service Philosophy

The PDS Difference

We offer a boutique approach at a large scale. We don’t offer cookie cutter engagements.

We offer a breadth of services and capabilities across the entire IT stack. PDS delivers consulting,
design, procurement, configuration, life cycle, implementation, repair, project management, staffing,
engineering, administration, and support capabilities.

Our deep and vast partner relationships.

Our real-life dedication to the goal of helping our clients deliver upon their business strategies.

We Provide

Helping Hands and Consultative Eyes

We Focus

on Consulting, Security, Design, Implementation, and Co-Managed Services

We Are

Holistic, Business Aligned, and Risk Aware

We Believe

in Consultative Based Conversation Over Product or Service based Conversations

We Have

Industry Leading Experts across the Enterprise IT Stack

Our Partners

Are Vast in number and deep in relationship quality

PDS IT Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment Explained (pdf)


Choose 1

  • Risk Management and Governance
  • Monitor, Alert, and Incident Response
  • Information Classification and Protection
  • Asset and Configuration Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Network Security
  • System Security
  • Database Security
  • Application Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Security Training and Awareness


A holistic Vulnerability Assessment including all the Essentials level workshops.

Our Vulnerability Assessment will help identify, evaluate, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your organization. As one pillar of the PDS security model it is an essential tool for identifying real actions that will produce meaningful results.

Includes professional service hours to help address identified vulnerabilities.

Interested in learning more about the PDS Best Practice Security Model, our suite of security workshops, and how PDS can turn security reports into real world results?
Contact Derek Blakeslee directly @ 262.246.2691 or email

PDS IT Vulnerability Assessment Pricing

View/Download Pricing (pdf)

Essentials Portfolio

Risk Management and Governance


Essentials Portfolio

Monitor, Alert, and Incident Response


Essentials Portfolio

Information Classification and Protection


Essentials Portfolio

Asset and Configuration Management


Essentials Portfolio

Identity & Access Management


Essentials Portfolio

Network Security


Essentials Portfolio

Database Security


Essentials Portfolio

Application Security


Essentials Portfolio

Cloud Security


Essentials Portfolio

Security Training and Awareness



Entire Essentials Portfolio + additional services

Please Call

PDS Hardware in support of CYBERSecurity



Servers, Storage, Network

22% Off List Price


Wireless Network

50% Off List Price


Fortinet Security Products

35% Off List Price


Surveillance Cameras and Accessories

7% Off List Price