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GreenLake Flex Capacity Solution | Adopt IT-as-a-Service

HPE Greenlake Flexible Capacity.

In a world full of consumables, businesses often overprovision resources thinking that it’s better to have too much than not enough. In fact, this overprovisioning of capacity is, on average, 59% too much compute and 48% too much storage. These directly translate into wasted corporate IT dollars being spent on unused and unneeded capacity that your business doesn’t need.

But what about having a pay-per-use model that affords you just the right amount?

The HPE GreenLake Flexible Capacity IT as a service solution offers the most resiliency, versatility, and flexibility for already strained IT budgets while increasing the productivity of on-premises infrastructure and lowering total cost of ownership. It delivers the outcome you need with hardware, software, and expertise on premises or in the cloud.

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Patient Identity

  • Admissions
  • Specimen Collection
  • Medicine Administration
  • Lab Administration
  • Pharmacy Management

Clinical Mobility

  • Staff Communication
  • Remote Patient Monitoring


  • Medical Asset and Equipment Tracking
  • Staff Tracking
  • Patient Tracking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Time to Treatment

HPE GreenLake Flexible Capacity benefits include:

  • A cloud-like experience for on-premises infrastructure
  • Pay-per-use variable payments based on actual metered usage
  • Reduced complexity and scale using an on-site extra capacity buffer
  • Enterprise-grade support and resiliency

And, HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity enables a reduction in total compute infrastructure capacity costs up to 38%, compared to the industry averageand comes with enterprise-grade support from HPE Pointnext, with 24/7 monitoring and active capacity management.

Give your business the right-sized performance and capacity you need while retaining the ability to scale as your business grows. It’s the best of both worlds to simplify your budget decisions and support your business goals.

HPE GreenLake: The Cloud That Comes to You: EXCLUSIVE WEBCAST

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