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Our maintenance renewal services are designed to make you feel confident and in control of your planning, budgeting and renewals life-cycle process. We are your single point of contact to manage renewals and add-ons with our many partners listed below. Our experienced services team is proactive and provides reliable information to help protect your IT investments. Who knew maintenance renewals could be this efficient and SMART?

It's SMART to get control of your IT assets


Straightforward Service Contracts
Co-terminus planning tailored to your budget and business needs.


Managed Maintenance Renewals
Our team pro-actively reviews your account and will meet with you to manage the life-cycle of all your hardware and software renewals.


Administration of Contracts
We are your single point of contact to manage renewals and add-ons with all partners listed below.


Helping plan next year’s maintenance budget and conduct renewal audits.


Recommending best service levels based on your application, environment and tolerance for downtime.

Our Partners

Let PDS help you manage your maintenance renewals to give you peace of mind that your IT investment is protected.


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