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Ensuring your remote infrastructure resources support your remote workforce.

The Challenge

A new level of demand has appeared overnight placing additional strain on your existing remote access infrastructure. Ensuring they’re always on and fully functional has never been more essential to the health of your business and the effectiveness of your growing remote workforce.

Currently monitoring all of the various IT elements that make remote access possible for your work from home colleagues. Having trouble keeping up with demand? Do you have the resources and technologies to keep up?

Why PDS?

For more than 30 years PDS has been helping organizations evolve IT – from ideation to transformation.

PDS can help.

Managed Remote Infrastructure provides you with a comprehensive suite of 24×7 monitoring and maintenance services that ensure that the resources that keep your remote workforce productive are on and fully functional. Let PDS ensure reliability of your remote infrastructure by performing real-time availability monitoring for your physical and virtualized server environments, network infrastructure and more. This will allow you to give your team the reset they need by leveraging our expertise, toolset and solid methodology to maintain continuity so you can focus on driving your business forward. PDS can help with:

  • Back up Administration
  • Patch Management
  • Realtime Availability Monitoring
  • Capacity and Demand Monitoring
  • Issue Remediation
  • Additional Service Provisioning

IT Managed Services Experts

Free yourself to make the right decisions for your organization. While you’re planning, building and leading, we’ll make sure the tools you’re using are present, accounted for and in perfect working order. PDS manages your environment from top to bottom offering a flexible and scalable solution to meet your organization’s evolving IT Infrastructure needs.

Here are some of the key ways PDS can help you manage your remote infrastructure.

Managed IT: Network Ensure

Our team of engineers have the experience and skills to resolve network-related issues. PDS Managed Internal Broadband provides immediate action when an unexpected network issue or outage occurs.

Managed IT: Data Ensure

PDS strives for optimum availability and reliability of storage devices. Proactive monitoring manages your capacity management.

Managed IT: Server Ensure

Coordinate key hardware, applications, business services and infrastructure across dynamic, physical and virtual data centers for unified computing with our monitoring and management solution.

PDS Managed IT Core (included in all solutions) Essentials Professional Premium
24x7x365 Device Monitoring and Alerting
Access to PDS Experts for Consultation, Project Planning, and ad-hoc support
Asset Inventory of managed items
Reporting Portal
Regular cadence for operation reviews and recommendations
Automation Tasks  (server or process restarts, self-heal scripts)
Onboarding Workshop to Create Custom Service Desk Procedures 🗙
Alert Triage and Response 🗙
8×5 Expert to Expert Support 🗙
Vendor Engagement and coordination 🗙
Diagnosis and Remediation of incidents and events 🗙
Minor Changes 🗙
Major Changes 🗙 🗙

Want to talk to the Managed Services experts at PDS? Contact us now to start a conversation about Managed Remote Infrastructure in your environment.

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