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A December 9 PricewaterCoopers report called 2016 the year of ‘merger mania.’  Last year broke records for M&A activity, but most see comparable activity for the coming year.

Major mergers and acquisitions have been impacting healthcare organizations across the country, and that trend is expected to continue. Many healthcare organizations are pursuing mergers, acquisitions and other types of partnerships to consolidate resources and focus on providing coordinated, cost-effective care. Combining forces can be an effective strategy but can also present some inherent challenges when two organizations combine all of their systems, processes, and tools. PDS is here to help through the transition.

M&A Readiness Suite

  • Managed Services: Ability to provide support for users or technology, with multi-vendor support. PDS can fully manage or complement existing Healthcare providers portfolio.
  • Consumption-Based IT: Pay for what you use!  Consumption based modeling allows you to only be on the hook for what support and technology you use – from service incidents, to desktops, to servers, to storage and beyond!
  • Scalable IT: PDS refers to the burst capacity that allows you to increase or decrease technology capacity as you need it.  In M&As this provides the piece of mind that you can quickly integrate new users and/or technology
  • Consulting & Design: Services to architect the future integrated technology platform.
  • Migration Services: Executions services on integrated plan.
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