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Free yourself up to focus on strategy with Epic Clinical Services

Given the pace of technological change, IT upgrades, optimization, maintenance and support can be difficult, expensive and strain often already over-leveraged resources—which prevents them from focusing on higher value activities.

PDS can help.

Get even more value from Managed Services. You can rely on us not only to deliver quality (as a result of our deep experience and integrated team) and an exceptional patient experience, but also use the data to provide you with performance improvement insights and solutions.

Experienced teams deliver a trusted, centralized
U.S.-based solution.

We have a dedicated team headquartered at our Managed Services Center in Madison, Wisconsin focused on identifying and driving value across managed services, the patient experience and healthcare operations.
Epic Clinical Service Desk

We manage the day-to-day maintenance of your enterprise healthcare application systems.

We increase your available project hours by removing task fragmentation and increasing your level of support.

We increase your organization’s first call resolution and improve customer satisfaction for all providers, end users and patients.

We decrease your operating expenses and improve outcomes by increasing resource utilization and clearly defining tasks so you get a better picture of your costs to operate and own your enterprise applications.

Why PDS Epic Clinical Services

Our comprehensive suite of services, delivered by a tightly integrated team, provides healthcare organizations with the best quality managed services — without compromising physician and patient quality. Our certified professionals free you up to focus on business transformation, system enhancement and optimization at a time where operational effectiveness really matters.

Contact the Epic Clinical Service Desk experts at 800-966-6090

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