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Lifecycle Management

PDS helps customers across the country manage the most complex technology initiatives end-to-end, including fulfillment, deployment, support, management, and retirement of their most critical devices. Our customers benefit from integrated solutions that streamline and simplify asset management, all while allowing your team to focus on strategic improvements and enhancements.

Design & Plan

The PDS Professional Services team has the technical expertise to guide your project from the very beginning. We support your team in the technical design process and help define the requirements of all your systems and devices.

Configure & Deploy

To process orders more efficiently, we handle the configuration of all your equipment — including large-scale devices — at our facilities. Then we package and ship every device so that once it reaches its location it is ready for installation.


Your end users require fast and reliable technology to stay ahead of the curve. Investing in desktop, laptop, and application support ensures an agile and adaptable workforce.

Transform & Retire

PDS offers secure and integrated asset disposition programs that help you maximize value recovery. Our retirement services help reduce IT “waste” and eliminate the need for on-site storage. We also provide a secure chain of custody in order to minimize security and regulatory risks.

PDS Midwest Configuration Center (MCC)

Get an inside look at how we manage the fulfillment and configuration of our Midwest customers’ IT equipment in this 45,000-square-foot facility, providing efficiency in order processing and consistency in configuration. In this facility, PDS helps ensure product availability and efficiently prepares a large quantity of devices.

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Device as a Service [DaaS]

By combining hardware and services into a single contract with one monthly payment, Device as a Service can help improve your cash flow, preserve capital to invest in other IT priorities, and deliver a predictable and consistent IT budget. Printer hardware and services can also be added for even greater economies of scale.

Incremental value such as an Account Delivery Manager, reporting and analytics, and combined PC and Print services help to ensure you and your users are satisfied with all aspects of service delivery.

World-Class Devices

Lifecycle Services

Incremental Value

Single Contract

DaaS enhances device acquisition, improves device management, and optimizes device usage—while allowing IT to take a more strategic role.


  • A fully customizable solution
  • A single contract on a per-month basis
  • A great end-to-end user experience

Office 365 : PDS is Your Cloud-Migration Partner

As the experts in planning, design, and deployment, we can help you implement and maximize Office 365. We’ll dive into your environment, dealing with everything from the nuts and bolts of licensing to recommending solutions for your current environment and future, strategic goals. Then we’ll map your Office 365 setup and conduct your email service migration. Once live, we’ll stay with you through our ongoing services: We provide desktop and device management support with complete access to our 24/7 help desk.

Multiple Devices

You can install Office 365 on multiple devices – from PCs and Macs to Android devices and iPads/iPhones. Office 365 works across devices, letting you access your data however you prefer, whenever you need it, and virtually everywhere you are.

Facilitates Collaboration

Users can work together in real time, sharing, updating, and chatting with colleagues while editing documents on any device that is connected to the Internet.

Eliminates Downtime

Your employees can’t access their files if the LAN is down, but Office 365 cloud services offer users 99.9% uptime, guaranteed. Likewise, say goodbye to using backup tapes to guard against lost or corrupted files.

Frees up your IT Staff

Office 365 is user-friendly. You won’t need “the IT guy” to run analytics or computer conferencing. And Office 365 has low upkeep. By moving your Exchange service to the cloud, you offload server management and eliminate the hassle of upgrades and patches, which are automatic with Office 365.

Hands-On Experience

To meet your organization’s goals, the right technology is essential. Solutions are rapidly changing and growing in their complexity, and you need the ability to make the right technology decisions for your business. There’s no better way to do that than through hands-on experience, and PDS offers a suite of experiences that gives our partners direct access to the latest technology so they can try before they buy.

PoC Lab

Our customers have direct access to our executive briefing center and state-of-the-art demo lab. Our Proof of Concept (PoC) Lab has been recognized as a Cloud Center of Excellence by a number of manufacturers and is one of only 25 in the country.

Workspace of the Future

PDS welcomes you to visit one of our working exhibits that feature the latest end user technologies. These exhibits are set up for IT leaders to come and test drive the latest technology. In our Learning Studio, our experts will show you how these devices work and the impact they can have in your environment.

Demo Device Availability

PDS works with organizations to ensure the most appropriate technology is selected and deployed for each business unit, helping to create workflow efficiencies. Thanks to our manufacturing partnerships, PDS can provide demo equipment and consulting to drive device selection and testing.

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