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Solutions Aligned With Your Goals

The technology solutions that your businesses rely on are becoming increasingly more complex and more integral to business success. Inefficiencies, insufficiencies, and vulnerabilities in the way your information systems are designed and built can be costly, and put you at risk. Many times, organizations labor over important decisions and changes with their information systems, and struggle understanding all of the challenges or opportunities of a given solution. When you need additional guidance in making these decisions, and want to make sure that the solutions you implement will support your organization’s goals, you need a partner that can offer you that experience.

PDS has a talented team of subject matter experts with the extensive experience and knowledge to help you navigate challenging and complex solutions.

PDS offers unique design, implementation and IT consulting services around cloud adoption and strategic planning. The PDS consulting team offers architecture planning and IT project management of large, core infrastructure projects including networking, virtualization and security.

As a PDS client, your organization will benefit from our unique transformational design and IT consulting services around mobility and data center automation.

Enterprise Architecture Planning

The PDS team of technologists can lead your initiative with vision, principles, standards and a road map to help guide the prioritization, operations and management of technologies supporting your organization.

Data Center Virtualization & Automation

Data Center Virtualization and Automation is at the core of what PDS believes is essential for any organization to survive the next ten years – a software defined data center. If your organization hasn’t begun to leverage and automate the data center, know your competition has.

Network Security Design

PDS delivers assessments, planning and design services to help mitigate security threats, identify network vulnerabilities, and recommend remediation steps.

Wireless Service/Security Optimization

With client counts exceeding wired, and mobility and BYOD being the norm, the concept of wireless as a luxury has long dissolved. PDS mobilizes the workforce with the performance and security they demand to achieve organizational goals.

Data Protection & Storage

Our PDS experts can provide design, implementation and strategic planning services for your SAN/NAS, disaster recovery, backup and replication needs.

Project Management Services

To complement our highly-skilled architect team, PDS employs certified project managers with years of experience in their craft which results in solid planning, execution and risk management to ensure a successful outcome for you and your business.

Enterprise Technology Services

PDS understands that the integrity of your IT infrastructure is integral to your success. Without a powerful and secure data center infrastructure, or a reliable and safe network your business can’t achieve its goals. PDS can help you architect and plan for your Enterprise Infrastructure in the following areas to help your business succeed:

Data Center Storage & Backup

  • Backup & recovery solutions
  • Software defined storage solutions
  • Unified storage & backup plans


  • Design, implementation and upgrade expertise
  • Data center and desktop virtualization
  • Physical and virtual to virtual migration assistance
  • Cloud migration assistance

Network Architecture

  • Wireless
  • Data center
  • Software defined networking
  • Campus
  • WAN

Network Access Control

  • Wired user access control
  • Wireless
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Guest

Firewall Unified Threat Management

  • Intrusion protection
  • Content filtering
  • Application control
  • Data loss prevention
  • 2-Factor authentication

Ensuring utility-like network availability doesn’t happen without the tools to monitor performance and whip the components into shape if they start acting up. PDS offers industry-leading products for both general and point management to warn of faults, preserve and modify configurations, and validate performance. Don’t have personnel bandwidth to monitor or take alerts? Consider our managed services.

Digital Workspace

End-user Device Management

PDS Architects have many years of experience with multiple end user device management tools and can lead the architecture, implementation, design, training, and management of those tools. Proper design, execution, and dedication to utilizing these tools is key to efficiently managing an organizations end user devices.

  • Microsoft system center configuration manager (SCCM)
  • LANDESK management suite & patch manager

Desktop Deployment Solutions (Re-image/OS Upgrade)

In support of PDS or Client managed deployments, PDS Architects can help design a device deployment solution that best fits the available tools and immediate and long term deployment needs. Proper usage of the tools available will help make current deployments and management of those processes for future deployments more efficient.

  • Microsoft system center configuration manager (SCCM)
  • Microsoft deployment toolkit (MDT)
  • LANDESK management suite
  • Manual/Throw-away image

OS Migration

From Windows XP to Windows 7 and now to Windows 10, PDS Architects can design the best migration solution for your organization. From design of the migration strategy, execution of pre-requisites, piloting of deployments, and handoff to our experienced deployment teams, we can help ensure a successful migration with minimal impact to end users.

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 -> Microsoft Windows 10 active directory services
  • Health check
  • Server migrations including all MS services and versions (e.g. 2008 to 2012, DHCP, Certificate services, etc)
  • Domain consolidation – combine multiple domains and onboard acquisitions
  • Exchange services
  • Exchange upgrade all versions – migrate to a new local exchange environment
  • Email migrations to and from Office 365
  • Online services
  • Migrations of local file servers to One Drive
  • SharePoint online
  • Azure AD synchronization
  • Active directory federation services
  • Admin tools
  • Custom standalone Powershell scripts for administration and migration services
  • Add-ons to active directory tools for administration
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