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As the number of applications and devices in our your environment increases and demand for technical support rises, many organizations face the choice of adding in-house IT support desk services or outsourcing their service desk to a third party. Providing effective IT support requires an understanding of core processes, organizational structures, regulations, along with system knowledge and expertise in the various applications that are in use.

Evaluating the need for your organization, understanding the risks, and determining the best solution can be a tall order, but the calculator below should help to get you started estimating the cost of internal support for organization.

Service Desk TCO Calculator

 : Number of full-time analysts
 : Number of Annual Incidents
 : Hourly Wage
  $1.38 - Government Mandated Costs
?FICA, Federal and State Unemployment, Workers' Comp
  $1.73 - On-going Overhead
?Facility Cost, Equipment Costs, Management, Software Linceses and Training
  $5.78 - Benefits
?Healthcare, Time off, Paid Holidays, etc.

XX  : Total Hourly Cost/Analyst
XX  : Total Annual Cost/Analyst
XX  : Total Annual Costs
XX  : Per Incident Cost

Additional Costs To Consider

In addition to the items above, there are other costs that can be challenging to estimate, but are important to consider when evaluating total cost of ownership for you internal support team. Some examples are:

Hard Costs – On-boarding, Hiring, Turn-Over and Training Costs
Soft Costs – Leadership Involvement/Oversight, Organization, Optimizing, and Reporting

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