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Freedom is vital in your role as an IT leader.

You need the freedom to focus on student, patient, and business outcomes, and the strategic direction of your organization. Technology is now the key to understanding and improving those outcomes, but managing and supporting your information systems can be complex and distract from your leadership responsibilities.

PDS offers support and managed services that liberate you from IT so you can be free to lead and free to focus on the strategic direction for your organization.

Managed Service Partners

We’ve established strategic relationships with some best-in-class industry partners with expertise in key areas. These partnerships allow us to supplement and expand the solution offerings we can offer our customers.

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PDS Support & Managed Service Offerings

PDS can ensure your users and customers are cared for with a full suite of support solutions. From supporting complex, advanced technologies implementations, to a 24X7 Service Desk, look to PDS as the right-source for best-in-class support services.

PDS Support Desk
Technology is essential to you, and the need for a prompt and accurate tech support is vital to business operation, and for improving your users’ and customers’ experience. At the pace of technology today, meeting user demand can be daunting and expensive. For over 10 years PDS has been providing corporate, healthcare, education and government organizations a cost-effective solution for 24×7, on-shore, expert support. PDS has a state-side team of expert analyst right here in Madison, Wisconsin ready to support the unique needs of your organization and your users. From a 24×7 fully managed support offering, to supplemental options to cover peaks in demand, we have you covered.

  • Service Desk: PDS ‘Service Desk’ offers the a fully managed solution for support that uses our people, our process, and our tools.
    • Expert to Expert Engagement
    • Comprehensive Support Level 1 – 3
    • High Quality Worry Free Service Delivery
  • Help Desk: Our ‘Help Desk’ offers the same expert support from our team but leverages your existing processes and tools.
    • End user to Expert Engagement
    • Providing Level 1 – Level 2 Initial Support
    • Managing Escalation back to Level 3 Subject Matter Experts

Patient Portal Support
Patient engagement continues to be a priority as today’s healthcare organizations face a rapidly increasing volume of calls as their patient portal populations grow. Is your team prepared to support your patient support needs? PDS has a fully scalable support model for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our Midwest based, highly-skilled team provides a superior patient support experience while allowing your organization to focus on growth and expansion of online services.

EMR GO-Live Support
Every year, clinics and hospitals are taking on major changes with their EMR systems. The go-live is the pinnacle of any implementation, and supporting users through this phase is a key part of the success of the project. This can be a fast-paced, chaotic time that creates an especially demanding schedule and user support requirements for busy project teams. You need a partner that has expertise in EMR go-live support to ensure quality support for your users and to save your team precious time and money without sacrificing patient care.

EMR Level-1 Support
Your users need immediate and effective responses to EMR support calls. Meeting that demand can be expensive or require specialized internal staff. PDS can lighten the burden with scalable, cost-effective support for all Level-1 support requests. PDS has been supporting healthcare organizations for more than 10 years, and can provide quick, accurate Level-1 support that is tailored for your organization and your EMR system.

Your infrastructure is the backbone of your information systems and the heart of the technologies in your organization. The industry is evolving and your infrastructure needs to be agile and secure to keep up with the pace of business. PDS offers a suite of managed services that help you take your infrastructure from survival mode to strategic.

  • Managed Data Protection
    When it comes to keeping your business up and running, your storage solution is a top priority. Today, leveraging off-premise back up services is convenient, efficient and secure, allowing for easy and rapid recovery when necessary. PDS Managed Data Protection is a simple, affordable alternative to existing dedicated, stand-alone, disk or tape-based backup solutions. Free yourself to concentrate on your day-to-day operations. Allowing PDS to maximize space through data de-duplication and rest-assured with your new adaptable and resilient storage solution.
  • Network Infrastructure-as-a-Service
    When it comes to keeping things up and running, your network is a top priority. The trick is to identify potential network problems before they slow you down. Luckily, our experienced networking team has been at this for some time. From design to implementation, monitoring to maintenance, backup to restore, they have the skills necessary to keep your network streamlined and optimized. Partner with PDS to maximize uptime, optimize traffic, and rest assured that your network is adaptable and resilient enough to handle whatever comes its way.
  • Managed Datacenter
    PDS Managed Datacenter is designed to provide you with a comprehensive suite of 24×7 monitoring, maintenance and environment services for your IT infrastructure. Let us help boost performance and reliability of your enterprise or small business environment by proactively monitoring your server hardware, SQL Databases, storage and Windows OS. Use PDS Managed Dadtacenter, expertise, advanced tools and solid methodology to maintain the continuity of your business!
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
    The monitoring of mission-critical servers, networks that run your EHR is key to ensuring that your organization’s IT environment remains in good health. Healthcare requires constant uptime day or night, and it’s never been more important to monitor both diligently and intelligently. Your users and need to know that they have reliable access while traveling the hills and valleys of increasingly complex networks. PDS has the right engineers to ensure that your IT engine that keeps chugging along regardless of the terrain.
  • Infrastructure Lifeline
    PDS Managed Services are designed to maximize our client’s profitability by minimizing business interruptions. Through comprehensive and proactive monitoring and management, you can rest assured that the systems critical to your daily operations will be fine-tuned and running smoothly. And we’ll give you detailed reports to prove it!

Users expect access to technology anytime, anywhere, and on any device. PDS’ digital workspace offerings ensure you can meet the demand of your users.

  • Device-as-a-Service
    Every year, your IT systems and services become more complex. You have more devices per user, more multi-vendor environments to manage, more services and hardware, and more issues from an aging device fleet, more invoices and contracts, more budget constraints—and the list goes on. At PDS, we believe deploying and managing devices should be as simple as ordering a service. And now it can be through a Single contract. Complete device life-cycle management.
  • Chrome Complete Care
    The PDS Chrome Complete Care Service provides students, parents, and school administrators with peace of mind by offering repair and replacement options for the duration of a student’s time with their device. It is a simple and affordable way for school districts to protect their investment, reduce the workload of their IT staff and ensure that kids have the tools they need to get their homework done.

Every year, threats to the security of your systems evolve into new and more dangerous forms. Implementing and managing security solutions for your organization is ever-growing in its complexity, and it’s challenging to keep up. PDS has a team of experts, and a full suite of security offerings that will help free you from the worry of a breach. We offer security consulting services so that once your solutions are in place, they continue to protect your organization. Our team has the expertise to help you manage your unique security environment, and we have a wide range of IT security service offerings. Here are some of the most requested.

  • Managed SIEM: 24×7 monitoring
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM-as-a-Service)

You rely on your applications for many of your organization critical functions. PDS can help to ensure that your major applications are secure and operational at all times.

Application Monitoring
EMR/Patient Portal: Whether it’s your patients using your patient portal or clinicians accessing your EHR system, you need to ensure your core applications are running and fully functional at all times. PDS can automate the monitoring of these systems to quickly detect and resolve application issues. We give you peace of mind that your major applications are working, and your users have the access they need.

Application Patching
Patching the operating systems and Third-Party applications of your IT infrastructure is vital to the security of your business. Infrequent patching can leave your business vulnerable to the latest attacks. Concurrently, it is essential that patches be tested prior to their release into your production environment. It has never been more important to patch intelligently and on a regular basis.

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