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PDS helps School Districts modernize instructional and learning spaces that help students grow.

We work directly with superintendents, instructional technology, and technology leadership to ensure that technology aligns to curriculum and connects to outcomes – both within student performance and in building skillsets necessary for future work placement.

Education Technology Trends

The three key sections of the NMC/CoSN Horizon report – K-12 Education constitute a reference and straightforward technology planning guide for educators, school leaders, administrators, policymakers, and technologists.


  • Short Term: Coding as a Literacy, Students as Creators
  • Mid Term: Collaborative Learning, Deeper Learning Approaches
  • Long Term: Redesigning Learning Spaces, Rethinking how Schools Work


  • Solvable: Authentic Learning Experiences, Rethinking the Roles of Teachers
  • Difficult: Advancing Digital Equity, Scaling Teaching Innovations
  • Wicked: Achievement Gap, Personalizing Learning

Developments in Technology:

  • One year or less: Makerspaces, Online Learning
  • Two to three years: Robotics, Virtual Reality
  • Four to five years: Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Technology

What our Education Clients are Saying

“Thanks to our partners at HPE and PDS, the SimpliVity solution gives us what we need to be able to focus on student learning and achievement.”

Cassie Anderson

“PDS and HPE partnered to bring us SimpliVity which has astronomically increased our confidence in that infrastructure environment.”

Dr. Robert Smiley, Ph.D.

“PDS inspires me to think differently, look at problems uniquely, to not accept the status quo.  They offer me the opportunity to stretch my own thinking, stretch my perspective, to look further down the road then I ever would have in the past.”

Dr. Robert Smiley

“I don’t view PDS as a vendor, I view them as a partner.”

Don Ringelestein

“PDS is as honest as they come. They do well in finding the best prices available and have earned our trust and respect.”

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