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NOTICE : PDS is being proactive in our response to the COVID-19 situation. For information on what we’re doing, industry resources, and ways we can help visit our COVID-19 Resource Center

Freedom is vital in your role as a healthcare leader and is essential in your mission to improve healthcare outcomes.

You need the freedom to focus on patient care, the health of your organization, and the strategic direction of your information systems. Technology is now the key to understanding and improving healthcare outcomes, but managing, supporting, and protecting these increasingly complex systems and tools keeps you trapped under the hood and not free behind the wheel. PDS is the partner with the skills and experience to liberate you from technology and get you: Free to Lead, Free from Breach, Free to Go-Live, Free to Engage, and Free from the things that distract your teams and your patients from experiencing better healthcare results.

What our Healthcare Clients are Saying

“PDS has been a strategic partner with Scripps Health during the Covid-19 pandemic. PDS has been in synch with our team as we have had to update messaging and direct our patient community to the appropriate web properties for messaging and information that was changing daily at the beginning of the pandemic. Most importantly PDS has helped us support our patients community as our MyChart user base has grown from 336K registered users on March 1, 2020 to 388k, in addition we rapidly rolled out video visits to all of our Primary Care and Specialty groups across our health system. We have gone from less than 50 video visits a week to over 2,500 video visits per day. The PDS team is an extension of the Scripps Health team that has seamlessly been able to help our patients and community to quickly and efficiently set-up their MyChart accounts and prepare them to have their first video visit. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, PDS has risen to the occasion and provided our end-users with a superior customer service experience.”

Rob Basham

“A partnership without shared risk isn’t a partnership at all”

Tim Belec

“This relationship not only allows us to focus on the tasks only we can accomplish, but also educates us in the process.”

Doug Turecek
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