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PDS has identified and built a specific set of IT solutions that put financial organizations in a position to meet common objectives.

Financial organizations range from large multinational banks and insurers, to accounting firms, to regional practices. Despite the differences that come within each, there are also some common needs: improved employee engagement, robust security posture, and scalable IT solutions that allow financial institutions to quickly react to rapid market and M&A movements.

Finance Technology Trends

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends

1: AI & Advanced Machine Learning
2: Intelligent Apps
3: Intelligent Things

4: Virtual & Augmented Reality
5: Digital Twin
6: Blockchain

7: Conversational Systems
8: Mesh App and Service Architecture
9: Digital Technology Platforms
10: Adaptive Security Architecture


What our Finance Clients are Saying

“Just want to say thanks to all of you for your continued support and timely response to our needs and requests. PDS is an extension of our IT team and crucial to the success of our bank technology and supporting our associates and clients alike. I’m just grateful to have people way smarter than me to help when needed. I couldn’t keep this ship afloat without all of you, and that includes my team here at Monona Bank.”

Wade Carlson

“Doing business in growth mode creates special needs for meeting goals, given available resources. PDS is our partner in the true sense of the word as our teams work together to meet the IT needs of our financial institution.”

Richard Borden, CISM
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