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PDS is a mid-west based Information Technology solution provider that supports healthcare, government, education, manufacturing, and corporate organizations with Digital Workspace, Security, and Enterprise Technology solutions.

PDS is a strategic partner that helps organization to reduce risk and total cost of ownership, and to move closer to the vision of fully Connected IT.

Technology is now a core driver of business success. Connected IT focuses on connecting technology to technology, people to technology, people to people, and ultimately on connecting organizations with their strategic objectives. To meet modern, demand IT systems need to be secure, reliable, cost-effective, and strategic. In this vision, SECURITY can never be sacrificed, AGILE technologies are always accessible and scale to your needs in real-time, and IT is directly ALIGNED with strategic business outcomes.

PDS was founded over 30 years ago with a simple Golden Rule: “Do the right thing for your clients…and all else will follow.” This client centric approach has driven our commitment to being a high-touch, value-add partner with shared goals and shared risk. It’s this simple value that has driven us to adapt and innovate as technology has evolved through the decades, and it is what continues to drive us today.

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