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4 Warning Signs it’s Time to Better Automate the Configuration and Deployment of Your IT Hardware

With the pace of change in technology today and the greater demands being placed on IT teams, it’s crucial to know when it’s time to seek the support of a reliable partner. IT is now a strategic arm of every organization, but routine deployment and configuration duties often occupy too much of IT teams’ time and keep them from achieving strategic goals. Here are some common signs that your IT team is overworked and that it may be time to bring in a partner.

Big deployment projects are made up of lots of ‘little’ things…hundreds, if not thousands of crucial ‘little’ things; procurement, inventory control, product preparation, customization, site prep, logistics management, resource management, quality control. PDS had all the little things covered so we could focus on the big picture…business continuity and happy end users.

Jeff Walker, Walker Consulting Group

1. “Back Burner” Burn-Out

Are your IT support activities increasing faster than the size of your team? So many projects are on your list that half of them never get started and the other half rarely get done. Routine tasks like hardware configuration and deployment can keep strategic projects on the back burner. It is time to work with a partner that can do more than just ship you hardware and can help accelerate project completion.

2. Death by a thousand tasks

You thought you’d be working on technology…who knew that you’d be stocking shelves, opening boxes, carting hardware, delivering packages…etc. Well it’s time to get back to business. Time is a precious resource and your time is valuable. You need to focus on improving the business and have more important things to do than configuring and deploying hardware.

3. Sputtering Business Engine

Your computing fleet is the engine of your business. You wouldn’t risk running a car without changing the oil, and you shouldn’t risk running your business on old technology. Your “planned” PC replacements often get put off as managing existing technology and new business projects take priority. But, putting things off can make matters worse. Keep your fleet healthy by aligning with a partner that can automate the entire configuration and deployment process for you.

4. Aging Windows

A major IT initiative like a migration to a new OS can be daunting. Windows 10 is here and that may seem overwhelming with a Windows 7 migration still fresh in your memory. With this release, there are compelling new features and other significant factors that will quickly require your organization to take action. Technologies are shifting and Microsoft is pushing hard to move their users off of Windows 7 and 8. The transitions have begun and you should already be planning your migration. We understand that sounds scary and that migrations can be challenging and expensive, but PDS can help. We can help with every phase of the configuration and deployment process, and can make sure you transition smoothly to Windows 10.

Technology is now the backbone of any organization and the role of IT has evolved into one that is both responsible for the daily management of equipment, as well as the strategic technology direction. As the demands of the organization grow, simply configuring and deploying hardware can become a process that distracts from big-picture goals. PDS is the partner with 30 years of experience in IT and all the skills and expertise to handle all of your hardware, configuration and deployment. From ordering to install, we get every device from the warehouse shelf to the end-user’s desk read to go.

See the PDS configuration and deployment process in action

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