The window of opportunity is closing.

Windows 10 is here and that may seem overwhelming with a Windows 7 migration still fresh in your memory. With this release there are compelling new features and other significant factors that will quickly require your organization to take action. Technologies are shifting and Microsoft is pushing hard to move their users off of Windows 7 and 8. The transitions have begun and you should already be planning your migration. We understand that sounds scary and that migrations can be challenging and expensive, but PDS is here to help. Do you know how Windows 10 is impacting your organization?

Know the Timeline

There is a hard time line that will require Windows 10 adoption. Here are the dates you need to know. Start planning your migration now.

Early 2017
None of the next generation processors (e.g. Intel Kaby Lake, AMD Bristol Ridge, etc.) will have Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro drivers. ANY piece of hardware with new chipset purchased starting late 2016 and into early 2017 can only run Windows 10.

October 31, 2017
Microsoft will no longer sell Windows 7 licenses after this point.

Major hardware manufacturers will only supply devices with the updated chipset and preloaded with Windows 10.

July, 2018
Intel’s current-gen processor (Skylake) will not support Windows 7. For devices with Skylake processors this pushes an imminent migration date closer than the full end of support date in 2020.

January 2020
Windows 7 extended support ends.

What are my options?

There are several options for how you can approach a migration. PDS can help navigate the options below, or identify a hybrid solution that’s right for your organization.

Start your migration now.
Are you ready to tackle a migration or have you already started the process? PDS can help guide you through it. PDS can help make your Window 10 migration smooth and productive. Here are some products and services we offer to assist you in your migration.

  • Deployment Services
    From large-scale projects down to small refreshes, PDS has the processes, tools and resources to make sure your deployment is effective and efficient.
  • Virtual Site Staging
    Extending a customer’s software delivery infrastructure into the PDS Configuration Center enables software installation in addition to the device configuration.
  • End User Support – Help Desk
    Whether you need interim coverage to answer you support calls while your IT team is busy with your migration, or you need long-term partner for on-going support, PDS can help.
  • Staffing
    From Desktop Engineers and Project Managers, to Technicians and Testers PDS can help get the people you need to get from planning to deployment. Get your IT people, from IT people.
  • Professional Services
    Leverage the PDS team to assist in getting your environment ready for Windows 10 – services including IT Asset inventory, software inventory, device role workshop, SCCM/LANDesk Consulting – “health check”, SCCM/LANDesk Optimization.

Not quite ready to start your migration?

Downgrade to Windows 7/8.

After October 31, 2017, all Windows 10 Systems ship with Secure Boot enabled in the BIOS. This is a mandatory licensing requirement from Microsoft. Manufacturers cannot ship Windows 10 with Secure Boot disabled, but if your organization has a volume license or enterprise agreement, you have the ability to revert to Windows 7 or 8. This makes delaying a Windows 10 roll-out possible, but does require you to downgrade each device individually, or be licensed to create custom images. Downgrading can keep your organization running through the Windows 10 transition but requires some planning and expertise. PDS can provide the resources and support help you understand, plan and execute your transition.

Bulk-buy Windows devices.

If your organization is not ready to take the leap and start a move to Windows 10 or next generation devices yet, there is another option. Purchase an inventory of legacy devices to delay any transitions until your organization is ready. How can PDS help? PDS can help you purchase and warehouse the devices you’ll need, and help you take advantage of special offers from manufacturers on bulk purchases.