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Waubonsee Community College

Identity Management for the Consumerized Student: Lifecycle Solutions

Knowing students can seamlessly access data unaware of all of the complex system’s inner workings is the definition of success.  There’s little support necessary, and no service interruptions.  Just simple access, secure data and speed of use.

Being responsible for the data center and now tasked with mobility, including developing a BYOD strategy and infrastructure that ensured ease and security of use, Waubonsee partnered with PDS experts to facilitate an Identity Management program.

“Everything is being driven by consumers at this point, so we’re trying to enable those consumers, those devices—students, staff and faculty—to access whatever they need for instruction or operations at any time,” says Christopher Shields, Data Center Manager, Waubonsee Community College.

As students, staff and faculty expect more out of their user experience, it’s important that Waubonsee’s instructional and operational software offers them a fast, seamless, secure and unified interface.

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