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Virtual Learning Help Desk support when your students, parents, and instructors need it.

As districts across the country prepare for the upcoming school season, one thing seems inevitable…a form of Remote Learning will be a part of it. As a result, schools face a rapidly increasing volume of student and parent support calls as families adapt to the virtual learning landscape. Typical IT support in education is built around the school day, but now more learning is happening in unconventional timeframes as students and parents balance home, school and work. Will your team be prepared when the number of daily support calls double and extend beyond the traditional school day?

PDS enables a scalable support model for organizations of all sizes, with an approach that seamlessly and transparently provides your users quick and easy access to knowledgeable analysts, 24×7. Our Midwest based, highly-skilled team provides expert level support call resolution, and a fully customized solution that is optimized for your environment, users, and needs. Whether its 24×7, Overflow, or After Hours Support, let PDS help support your users when and where they need it.

Percent of Call Volume Breakdown

A growing trend. Almost 2/3 of support calls come outside of the traditional school hours, and this trend continues to grow. Are your users supported when they need it?

Virtual Learning Support Services Call Volume Breakdown

Why PDS?

1. Implement with Ease

Transitioning all or part of your Help Desk support to PDS can be quick and easy. With an experienced Project Team there will be less of a burden on you. PDS will focus on your needs by providing you with an easy to fill out checklist and support matrix. With an increased focus on training and knowledge gathering, PDS can provide a seamless transition of existing support by utilizing your tools, processes and procedures or start your new support by working with you to build an extensive knowledge-base and work-flows. Our implementation process is scalable to fit the needs of your organization. Whether you are a small school or a large university, PDS can help.


  • Ready to take calls in as little as 4 weeks
  • PDS will utilize your tools and processes
  • Well versed in numerous ticketing systems which means less training
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Dedicated Client Services Manager
  • High quality, scalable support

2. 24/7 Support

The school day has extended and your instructors, students and parents should be able to get support 24/7. Is your IT team prepared to support them? This alleviates user frustration and provides them with the peace of mind knowing that they are supported as they work through challenges with remote learning. PDS Virtual Learning Support is available whenever your users need it.

Virtual Learning Support FAQs:

  • How do I XXX in Chromebook and Google Suite applications?
  • How do I XXX in Virtual Learning Portal?
  • How do I get into my Student Information Systems?
  • How do I access my Learning Management System?
  • How do I reset my password?
  • Why can I hear others but they can’t hear me?

3. Multi-Lingual Support

Supporting learning outside of the school building means a more diverse support need for both students and parents. PDS Help Desk translation services offer 24/7/365 access to professional linguists trained in more than 240 languages. With parents or support systems playing a more active role in virtual learning, ensuring multilingual support is a new necessity to ensure equitable learning opportunities. Call us at any hour, any day, and we can connect you to a professional interpreter within minutes.

4. An Experienced Partner

PDS has provided support services like remote learning support for almost 20 years to leading organizations in all industries and across the country. Thanks to our broad client base, we have gained extensive experience in standard and highly customized environments and have supported organizations of all sizes. The PDS support team consists of seasoned professionals with a broad range of experience with education devices, technologies, and applications. Our career analysts are ready to learn your environment and take your calls and can support you at any time, on any platform, in any volume and in most languages.

5. Data Analytics

Analyzing data can be difficult, tedious and time consuming, but it’s essential to understanding and optimizing your support solutions. Let PDS do the dirty work and provide you with the data you need, and the insights on where to take action. We proactively analyze your data to identify any areas of improvement including security concerns, staffing issues and process gaps, and can make modifications on the fly to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction. Utilizing your dedicated Client Services Manager regular touch-points can be coordinated in order to ensure you are up to date. PDS can provide detailed call statistics on a daily basis to help you trend cost and SLAs:

  • % of Calls Answered in less than 60 seconds
  • Avg Time to Answer
  • Avg Talk Time
  • Hourly and Daily Calls Entered and Answered

By the Numbers

100% transparent service that creates a seamless experience for your users.
4 weeks ready to take your calls in as little as one month.
24/7 accessibility to provide support whenever your users need it.
75% first call resolution rate for Help Desk
87% of the calls answered in 60 seconds or less.
20+ years of experience.
60,000 support calls taken per month.

Want to talk to the experts at PDS? Contact us now to start a conversation about virtual learning support in your environment.

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