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Fast and dependable support services from professional linguists.

PDS Translation Services.

Every interaction is important. Whether you’re dealing with the unpredictable stress of an IT emergency or routinely need interpreting over-the-phone, we understand that time and accuracy are of the essence. Our goal is to provide you with the most qualified interpreter to remove any barriers between your customer and the resolution they are looking for.

Add translation capabilities to your existing PDS Help Desk services for 24/7/365 access to professional linguists trained in more than 240 languages. Remove the barriers that prevent customers from taking full advantage of your services. Call us at any hour, any day, and we’ll connect you or your customers to a professional interpreter within minutes.

The Translation Experts

PDS partners with LanguageLine Solutions® to enable effective communication between our support team and your customers. Trusted by more than 25,000 organizations including PDS, LanguageLine® is the global leader in innovative language solutions.

Want to talk to the support experts at PDS? Contact us now to start a conversation about Translations Services in your help desk solution.

Making Support Accessible for All

Interpreting services enable PDS to support your caller’s language needs regardless of their proficiency in English. Customer interactions need to be smooth to successfully achieve the desired outcome. The interpreters leveraged by PDS are skilled public speakers, fluent in English and their native language. PDS Help Desk Analysts, combined with LanguageLine® interpreters can resolve the most difficult issues quickly and completely, without the need for follow up.

How it Works

When your customer calls and needs an interpreter to communicate with a PDS Help Desk Analyst, assistance is queued up and ready to go! Using dedicated translation resources, we engage an interpreter as soon as one is requested. It’s as simple as that. Within seconds, a highly qualified interpreter joins the support call and provides the necessary assistance. With this capability PDS is able to achieve total understanding, regardless of the language, while consistently delivering the best experience for your customers. Rely on us to ensure accuracy and promote efficient and meaningful dialogue. Contact PDS today to determine whether adding this service to your existing contract benefits you and your customers!

Features & Benefits

  • On demand access to professional interpreters
  • 24/7 availability in more than 240 languages
  • American Sign Language support available
  • Translation and localization of any content
  • Competitive, cost-effective solutions
  • Driving high customer satisfaction

Help Desk Support Experts

PDS has been helping transform organizations through technology for more than 30 years. Whether employees, customers, patients, or students PDS has your back. PDS has the expertise to help you free your team, provide expert support, reduce your TCO, scale on demand, get back to business.

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