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Ubiquitous healthcare is here. Do your patients have Telehealth Support?

The channel no longer matters to patients.  Beyond the bedside, the office, the phone, and the email lie the unchartered consumer platforms of telemedicine, home health, chat, and text.  The consumerized patient is ready. Reimbursement is ready.  But, is the healthcare provider ready with always-on coverage like telehealth support?  We say yes!

Need help building a case for a Telehealth Support partnership?

This white paper will help you understand the full cost of support for your organization and help you understand if a telehealth support partnership is right for you.

Jump into the world of telehealth video visits and telehealth support.

You will extend your reach with telehealth support, increase your coverage hours, and boost your quality of service.  Granted, the technical support could hold you back from your strategic objectives of great healthcare.  Owning and managing a patient help desk just isn’t on mission for the bigger picture of preventative healthcare and meaningful patient engagement.  Virtual care is the market disruptor but should not be the operations disruptor for your clinical workflow.  Without a patient service desk strategy, your Doctors on Demand project will end in Doctors Demanding improvements that ensure maximizing of appointment time without technology distractions.

Our clients entrust us with their most precious resource. 

Their patients not only leverage our 24/7 stateside analysts for patient portal support, they also route the virtual visit tech support issues to our analysts.  Let us help your patient with the many browser versions, extensions and add-ons, and plug-ins supporting a quality audio and video experience with your expert clinicians and physicians.  We are platform agnostic, agile, and ambitious to serve your patients best.

  • 60,000 Interactions Per Month
  • 100 Stateside Analysts
  • 30 Years Serving Healthcare
PDS Telehealth Support Team

Healthcare Support Experts

PDS has been helping transform healthcare organizations through technology for more than 30 years. Whether it’s supporting patients on your portal, taking over your internal help desk, providing support on telehealth, or just covering your next go-live, PDS has your back. PDS has the expertise to help you free your team, provide expert support, reduce your TCO, scale on demand, get back to healthcare.


Want to talk to the telehealth support experts at PDS? Contact us now to start a conversation about telehealth support services in your environment.