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PDS has been recognized by the State of Minnesota as an approved contracted vendor for a variety of end user devices and services. We can offer you products and solutions from the industry’s top providers.

The State of MN NASPO Contract includes:

  • Dell, NASPO# MNWNC-108
  • EMC, NASPO # MNWNC-109 (Swift Contract # 97224)
  • HPE, NASPO # MNNVP-134 (Swift Contract # 97228)
  • NetApp, NASPO # MNWNC-121 (Swift Contract # 97232)
  • Pure Storage, NASPO# MNWNC-125 (Swift Contract # 101417)

Why PDS?

PDS has been supporting customer with the latest technology since 1986. We are dedicated to serving all industries with the best IT products and services. Because of this commitment, and our ability to deliver the best in quality and value, PDS has been continually recognized as trusted vendor and designated as a contracted provider of IT equipment and services for organizations and agencies in the public and private sectors. The procurement processes can be complex. Leverage the power the contracts you have access to, and let us help you to streamline the IT procurement experience.

For more information contact the our team at

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