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The State of Minnesota’s Department of Administration and the Office of MN.IT Services (MN.IT) are introducing the SITE (Seeking IT Expertise) Program as a successor to the existing 902TS Master Contract Program. This program serves as one of several avenues for State of Minnesota agencies and other local units of government to contract for professional IT-related consulting and staff augmentation services.

The purpose of this master contract program is to provide a streamlined approach for state agencies and other governmental units to secure highly-skilled contractors via a fast and intuitive process. At the same time, this program provides a continuously open, application-based opportunity for vendors large and small to access state business.

This program is available for use by State of Minnesota executive branch state agencies along with other government units eligible under the State’s cooperative purchasing venture (CPV) established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes §16C.03, subdivision 10. Entities eligible to participate under the state’s cooperative purchasing are described in Minnesota State Statutes.

Program Highlights:

  • Can be used for work up to $2,000,000
  • Uses a streamlined procurement process, with work orders written against an existing master contract
  • Simplified list of categories (17 categories)
  • Vendor list is monitored for insurance compliance and vendor performance

State of MN IT Contract Valid: April 16, 2014 – April 15, 2019

Why PDS?

PDS has been supporting customer with the latest technology since 1986. We are dedicated to serving all industries with the best IT products and services. Because of this commitment, and our ability to deliver the best in quality and value, PDS has been continually recognized as trusted vendor and designated as a contracted provider of IT equipment and services for organizations and agencies in the public and private sectors. The procurement processes can be complex. Leverage the power the contracts you have access to, and let us help you to streamline the IT procurement experience.

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