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St. Mary's/Clearwater Valley Hospitals and Clinics

Data Center Solution: Retrofit or Redesign?

By redesigning the data center, creating a backup plan and establishing a disaster recovery system, PDS developed a solution solving current issues and offering flexibility to navigate future technological regulations.

As hospitals and IT departments across the nation strain to keep up with increasing federal pressures to implement electronic medical records, data centers are becoming even more important in providing patients coordinated, quality care in real time. By 2016, hospitals and care providers such as Curtis’ have to demonstrate meaningful use of these records, with the ability to carry out tasks such as giving patients online access to their health information and e-prescribing medicines.

St. Mary’s/Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics needed to make sure its data center could meet the technological demands and was faced with a choice: continually retrofit the hospital’s data center or overhaul it, allowing the space for more servers to be added as the hospital edges closer to a fully operational EMR system.

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