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Continually changing methods of online curriculum delivery require K-12 organizations to implement a network infrastructure that can quickly adapt and remain flexible while maintaining a high level of reliability and efficiency. This level of infrastructure is often challenging to acquire, maintain and manage without dramatically increasing maintenance costs and/or headcount – and it is even more challenging to predict future networking needs. PDS can help you stay as flexible as possible while providing predictable cost structures to district administration.

  • School Network Infrastructure
    • eRate Eligible CapEx Model
    • Wireless Site Assessments
    • Network Designs
    • Project Planning
    • Cabling
    • Access Point Mounting
    • Access Point Enrollment
    • Implementation Services
    • Support Services
  • Network Infrastructure as a Service (NIaaS)
    • eRate Eligible OpEx Model
    • Cost Recovery
    • Predictability
    • Cash Flow
    • Scalability
    • Flexibility
    • Focus Your Resources on Classroom
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