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Managed services that ensure your critical apps and systems are monitored and maintained.

Your business relies on the strength of your people; they are your most important asset. When technology gets in the way of having employees perform at their peak levels, your business suffers. From workstations, to critical applications, to cloud software, ensuring the productivity of your workforce is essential to the success of your organization.

The Challenge

All organizations are facing an increased requirement for end users to be and remain productive in this new normal. IT organizations are helping them compete by working to ensure data center resources and environments to be available on-site and anywhere. As businesses continue to develop new applications and technology to stay competitive, it becomes increasingly critical that they are always up and running. There is an old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In the digital era, the same can be said for data centers. Do not let your team become the weakest link!

Why PDS?

For more than 30 years PDS has been helping organizations evolve IT – from ideation to transformation.

PDS can help.

PDS Productivity Ensure provides you with a comprehensive suite of 24×7 services focused on your employees. Workstation performance and security will not be an afterthought! Today businesses are driving towards a new normal and need to support their workforce at all hours of the day and night. Many IT teams are often caught in the tactical demands of keeping data center infrastructure up and running, losing site of the needs of their end users. We can help with PDS’s 24x7x365 Service Desk which is uniquely positioned to support both your employees and infrastructure no matter the time of day. Feel confident that you are protecting your most important investments, people, and their productivity.

IT Managed Services Experts

Free yourself to make the right decisions for your organization. While you’re planning, building and leading, we’ll make sure the tools you’re using are present, accounted for and in perfect working order. PDS manages your environment from top to bottom offering a flexible and scalable solution to meet your organization’s evolving IT Infrastructure needs.

How does it work?

With PDS Productivity ENSURE you have PDS monitoring and alert services that can help you feel confident that your IT Infrastructure will remain fully functional for all your end users so they can focus on efficiently running their own workflows without disruption. Below are some key operational elements that PDS can manage for you. PDS has multiple tiers of our Productivity ENSURE offering so you can choose a service that’s right for you.


  • Monitoring
    • Windows and Mac OS, Hardware, Backup Jobs, Patch Status, Asset Tracking, Warranty Status
    • Anti-Virus detections, deployment, updates
  • Event Alerts
    • Professional Productivity Alerts sent to PDS for triage and remediation
  • Automation Tasks
    • Software deployment
    • Policy changes/enforcement
    • Self-heal scripts
  • Advanced Sentinel One Anti-Virus Protection
    • Including licensing, updates, and upgrades
  • Routine Monthly Patching of the OS
    • Including any included industry standard applications
  • Common OS Vulnerabilities & Exposures


  • Out of band patching for critical 0-day exploits
    • Triaging of monitored events in all covered applications.
  • Diagnosis and Remediation of AV & Monitoring Events.
    • Expert to expert support.
  • Vendor Engagement & Coordination
  • Minor Configuration Changes
  • Data Ensure Workstation Essentials
    • Backups for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
    • Includes end user self help restore portal.


    • Data Ensure Workstation Premium
      • Provides full machine backup and restores.
      • Includes an end user self help restore portal.
    • Major Changes 
      • 1 hour per device, max of 20 hours per month.
      • >1 hour of planning, design, and implementation
      • Material change to the supported environment
    • End User Service Desk for Employee Support
PDS Managed IT Core (included in all packages) Essentials Professional Premium
24x7x365 Device Monitoring and Alerting
Access to PDS Experts for Consultation
Asset Inventory of managed items
Reporting Portal
Regular cadence for operation reviews and recommendations
Automation Tasks such as server or process restarts, and self-heal scripts
Onboarding Workshop to Create Custom Service Desk Procedures X
Alert Triage and Response X
8×5 Expert to Expert Support X
Vendor Engagement and coordination X
Diagnosis and Remediation of incidents and events X
Minor Changes X
Major Changes X X
Productivity Ensure Package Essentials Professional Premium
Monitoring of hardware, OS, AV, warranty, and resources
Weekly or Monthly Patching options
Advanced NextGen AI powered AV powered by SentinelOne
Data Ensure: End User with Self Restore Portal X
24x7x365 End User Help Desk with dedicated support paths X X

PDS 24x7 Service Desk

Augment your managed services with 24×7 help desk support. PDS creates a scalable support model for organizations of all sizes, with an approach that seamlessly and transparently provides quick and easy access to knowledgeable analysts. Our Midwest based, highly skilled team provides a superior experience while allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • 24x7x365 Service Desk
  • Operates as your Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Provides a path to Expert to Expert support channel

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