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Gain confidence in the security and reliability of your network.

The Challenge

The current pandemic has forced many changes onto the way we live and work.  Many organizations across all industries are making changes large and small to support their employees and maintain productivity.  All these changes present challenges; challenges to applications being available for use, and challenges to keeping the widely dispersed workforce communicating.  The huge shifts to remote work mean a greatly expanded corporate network environment as well as greatly expanded security needs.

Why PDS?

PDS has the right solutions and expertise to help you develop a comprehensive strategy covering all aspects of your IT environment, including a review of best practice adoption and development of a cost-effective compliance plan.

PDS can help.

During these times, as business needs rapidly evolve, and the IT teams work to keep up, your partners at PDS can advise and help keep your systems available to employees, keep integrity of your data and systems high, and insure the security across all those components even while the borders of your network now extend into employee homes.  PDS has the experience and expertise to help you adapt and to have confidence in the security on your network. Here are some ways we can help.

Secure VPN Technologies

PDS Architects not only have advanced experience with all the major vendors offering remote access VPN products, but they also have the ability to understand your company vision and mission, analyze your business processes to design and recommend the options for remote communication which will best fit your needs.  PDS Solution Architects work directly with manufacturer engineers to thoroughly understand the products we recommend, sell and support.  Partnering with PDS means expanding your network and connecting your employees with the best solution for your business.

Visibility Services

With PDS End User Experience Visibility service, you will have the data you need to truly understand the users experience on their business-critical applications. We combine our expertise, proven processes, and market leading tools to gather deep analytics from your end user devices, and give rapid insights when issues develop. Proper End User Experience Monitoring ensures the highest performance of your critical application, so IT doesn’t slow your end users down.

Multi-Factor Authentication

PDS can recommend and design advanced authentication solutions that give your organization the flexibility it needs to meet security requirements without overwhelming end users.  Like many, your organization likely has a variety of techniques that are already used for security. All serve basic access needs but can complicate and frustrate users and make administration time consuming and difficult.  Advanced Authentication framework adds the security of multi-factor authentication (also known as MFA or 2FA) along with the processes to streamline administration.  PDS can review your requirements and recommend an implementation so you meet regulatory and industry requirements without forcing inconvenience on users.

Trending IT Security Resources

Network Security Experts

Security strategies require careful planning, regular refinement and the application of appropriate and aligned security technologies that address the business needs. PDS will help you navigate today’s growing and complex security threat landscape to ensure your company is protected against ransomware, crypto-mining/crypto-jacking, vulnerabilities in IOT devices, and all modern security threats.


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