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Security will be one of the largest investment areas in manufacturing, with intellectual property protection largely driving the investment.  PDS offers a specific suite of security services that meet these needs for Manufacturers.

  • Physical Security
    • IP-based Video Solution
  • Identity & Access Management
    • Govern Access
    • Control and Monitor Privileged Users
    • Strengthen Authentication without Restricting Productivity
  • Device Management
    • Life Cycle Management
    • Systems Management
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Application/Security Pushes
    • Real-time and Historic Device Location Mapping
  • Auditing & Testing
    • PCI Compliance
    • Penetration Testing
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • SCADA Testing
    • Web Application Security
    • Code Review
  • Consulting
    • GRC Management
    • Data Lifecycle Management
    • Vendor Risk Management
  • Data Protection
    • Archiving & Image Retention
    • Data Backup & Availability
    • Backup-as-a-Service
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