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Some estimates show that by the year 2020, up to 80% of IT could be consumed/purchased as a service.  This extends from traditional models in help desk, to accelerated market offerings within end user devices, security, and data center.  IDC adds on, “On-premise IT-as-a-service (on-premise capacity on demand) is a great fit for improving an organization’s approach to IT consumption.”  This brings cloud-like agility and simplicity into the data center and will position IT to better transform itself to address digital business direction. Benefits include the ability to move to a variable cost structure from a capital expenditure model and utilization of pay-as-you-go/grow capacity to deliver IT as a service. Overall, this will provide LOBs with a public cloud-like experience while keeping control.  PDS is uniquely positioned to offer Manufacturers a comprehensive package of Flexible IT options.

  • Managed Services: Ability to provide support for users or technology, with multi-vendor support. PDS can fully manage or compliment existing Healthcare providers portfolio.
  • Consumption-based IT: Pay for what you use!  Consumption based modeling allows you to only be on the hook for what support and technology you use – from service incidents, to desktops, to servers, to storage, and beyond!
  • Scalable IT: PDS refers to the burst capacity that allows you to increase or decrease technology capacity as you need it.  In M&As this provides the piece of mind that you can quickly integrate new users and/or technology
  • Consulting & Design: Services to architect the future integrated technology platform.
  • Migration Services: Executions services on integrated plan.
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