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The expectation is that M&A activity will remain a constant for the foreseeable future within the financial sector.  This presents a unique challenge in how to create common, scalable IT that can be responsive to such activity.  Often acquirers are faced with unique challenges in having to quickly support a growing user base, diverse technologies, new geographies, new languages, etc – and often without a long (or any) advanced warning of the merger/acquisition.  PDS helps financial organizations by offering it’s M&A Flexible IT Package – allowing you to concentrate on strategic growth, and not having to worry about how or if IT can grow along with the business.

  • Managed Services: Ability to provide support for users or technology, with multi-vendor support. PDS can fully manage or complement existing firm’s portfolio.
  • Consumption-Based IT: Pay for what you use!  Consumption based modeling allows you to only be on the hook for what support and technology you use – from service incidents, to desktops, to servers, to storage, and beyond!
  • Scalable IT: PDS refers to the burst capacity that allows you to increase or decrease technology capacity as you need it.  In M&As this provides the piece of mind that you can quickly integrate new users and/or technology
  • Consulting & Design: Services to architect the future integrated technology platform.
  • Migration Services: Executions services on integrated plan.
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