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Bring simplicity and focus to your organization with hyperconvergence.

At PDS, we understand that companies face growing demands on their data, devices, and applications. The explosion of data resulting from cloud, social media, and mobile devices continues to burden today’s data centers. In fact, more than half of IT leaders surveyed are currently deploying hyperconvergence as a solution to this dilemma.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure has paved the way for composable IT, by providing a new software-defined intelligence layer on top of your applications, you can run traditional workloads with speed and efficiency. Hyper Converged solutions offer one integrated solution that combines your servers, storage, and virtual machines.

Don’t let the perceived challenges of implementation, deployment, or training hold you back from embracing a modernized IT environment. Join the hyper converged revolution and you’ll:

  • Experience cloud-like speed
  • Avoid disruptions: install and deploy with no downtime
  • Eliminate “islands” of IT silos
  • Purchase only what you need today, with room to scale up in the future
  • Spend less time managing systems
  • Get increased agility and reduce time to market
  • Achieve operational excellence without sacrificing security

Learn More about Hyper-Converged Technology

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Download the HC380 solution brief.

HC380 Solution Brief

Reduce Complexity and Scale for the Future with the HPE Hyper Converged 380

Manage threats to data security, satisfy growing business demands, and simplify management with a solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and PDS that sets the course for innovation.

The HPE Hyper Converged 380 solution, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, integrates multiple tools to help your organization deliver a best-in-class IT infrastructure, combining compute, storage, networking, and software.

Learn More about HPE SimpliVity

Hyper-Converged Solutions by the Numbers

Deploy virtual machines in as little as five clicks
Update firmware in just three clicks
Slash the cost of disaster recovery by up to 62 percent
Provide a solution that costs up to 35 percent less per desktop than the leading public cloud vendor

Realize the Benefits of Infrastructure Convergence

With Hyper Converged Infrastructure, you can effectively leverage the systems you already have, and optimize your environment with no risk. Let us help you explore your options and open your business up to these advantages.

Accelerate Installation

  • With near plug-and-play ease.

Amplify Performance

  • Connect disjointed “islands” of data
  • Transfer or expand resources on-demand
  • Experience cloud-like speed

Combine Your Resources

  • Integrated compute, storage, management, and virtualization – all with consumer-inspired simplicity
  • Manage your servers, storage, and storage area networks from one interface
  • Allocate resources and capacity more efficiently
  • Optimize management oversight

Scale Up Incrementally

  • Add capacity as you need it
  • Configure systems for your own unique use cases (server virtualization, virtual desktops, hybrid cloud)
  • Slash extra costs related to VM adds, moves, and changes

Reduce Costs

  • Minimize data center hardware and staffing costs
  • Fuel employee productivity, thanks to built-in, intuitive wizards
  • Purchase as-you-grow without downtime or risk

A Fully Connected Vision for IT

  • The PDS 2020 Vision for IT infrastructure is one that:
  • Is focused on user experience
  • Has security at its core
  • Allows apps and data both in the cloud and on-premises
  • Allows for flexible/scalable capacity
  • Has a single management layer

Manage Multiple Workloads

  • General-purpose virtualization
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Cloud computing

Move your Infrastructure from Survival to Strategic with PDS

Technology should not be defined by hardware limitations. The future of IT is fully connected and is secure, agile, and aligned. We help connect people, data, and technology and enable you to support the strategic goals of your organization. Our experts spend time listening to you to fully understand your organizational goals, so together we can create a unique vision with your business objectives in mind.

Our engineers stand ready to lead you through the murky waters of technology. Whether you are building a new data center, moving your existing one, or need an infrastructure refresh, PDS can help you build an efficient, budget-friendly hyper converged environment.

Schedule your free demo now and speak with our experts to learn how these solutions can help grow your business!

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