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The basics are draining your bottom line.

The top 5 most common request are all essential to ensuring your patients and your users are properly supported, but is this what you want your valuable IT resources working on?

Delivering accurate and timely support is essential in providing quality healthcare experiences to your patients and users, but support duties often distract from mission critical tasks, and a static capacity doesn’t fluctuate with demand leaving you with either insufficient or costly support. Are your engineers taking password rest calls? Are your users and patients always supported? Can your support model dynamically scale with demand?

Managing this basic support internally can impact quality, cost efficiency, and productivity. Here’s how:

1. The Quality

Patient support, go-live support, and other healthcare specific support takes expertise to ensure users and patients get the accurate and timely support they need.

2. The Distraction

Password resets, navigation issues, and other support needs can keep skilled resources off of mission-critical IT work.

3. The cost

Hiring, managing, and firing additional full and part-time support teams to cover your support is expensive and inefficient.

Healthcare Support Resources

PDS offers a suite of support solutions that provide your users and patients seamless support they need.

Whether it’s supporting patients on your portal, taking over your internal help desk, or just covering your next go-live, PDS has your back. Free your team, provide expert support, scale on demand, get back to healthcare.

Help Desk

Ensure your users are always covered with a fully scalable 24/7 outsourced help desk made of a team of expert analysts located right here in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re ready to take calls in as little as 4 weeks and can utilize your tools and processes. Fully outsource your team or use us to cover after hours or supplement during peak demand.

Patient Experience Support

Patient engagement continues to be a priority as today’s healthcare organizations focus on patient experience, and as patient support volumes continue to grow. Is your team prepared to support your patient? PDS offers a scalable offering that specializes in supporting patient technologies (Patient Portal, Mobile, Wearable, Bill Pay, Telehealth) and ensures a seamless, quality support experience for you patients. Let us take care of your patients so your team focus on growth and expansion of online services.

EMR Triage Technical Support

Supporting users on your EMR is essential in helping your clinical team in providing quality healthcare. PDS can supplement your EMR support by taking the burden of level-1 and support triage off your IT team. We offer a flexible solution that can take over on-going level-1 support or just cover high-demand times like your next go-live.

By The Numbers

seamless experience for your users
support calls taken annually
patients supported nationwide since 2008
of the calls answered in 60 seconds or less
of calls are resolved on first call
turnover rate on our team of dedicated career service desk analysts
years of experience

Expert Support

PDS has provided healthcare support services for over 20 years across the country. We have the healthcare specific expertise to give you confidence that your users are always supported. Our HIPAA trained support team consists of on-shore expert analysts with an average of 10 years of experience. We are the gold standard for outsourced IT support.

Easy to Implement

We are healthcare support experts, and can guide you every step of the way. Our training process is quick and scalable to fit your needs. Whether your organization is large or small, PDS can help. You get:

  • A team ready to take calls in as little as 4 weeks
  • A dedicated phone number
  • A dedicated project manager

Flexible, Scalable, Cost-Effective Coverage

Support needs can vary for each organization, for each implementation, and can fluctuate throughout. Our customized support strategy is always on and we can tailor fit a solution that meets your needs and budget.

  • 24/7 support
  • Flexible coverage windows
  • Short-term engagement options
  • Visibility and accountability through frequent reporting

Experience with Multiple Ticketing Systems

Thanks to our broad client base, we have gained extensive experience in both standard and custom ticketing environments and have supported organizations of all sizes. We will fit your environment.

How much is basic support costing you? Use the Helpdesk TCO Calculator to find out.

Whether it’s supporting patients on your portal, taking over your internal help desk, or just covering your next go-live, PDS has your back. Free your team, provide expert support, reduce your TCO, scale on demand, get back to healthcare. Contact us to learn more.

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