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Every year, threats to the security of your systems and information evolve into new and more dangerous forms. Medical information is being targeted by hackers now more than ever. Hospitals are being targeted because of the large volume of data they hold and their relatively low security measures. Implementing and managing security solutions for your organization is essential and ever-growing in its complexity, and it’s challenging to keep up.

We understand the complexity of the information security landscape and have a team of IT security experts that stay on the cutting edge of new trends and developments. PDS offers a full suite of security offerings that will keep your organization secure.

Auditing & Testing

  • PCI Compliance
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • SCADA Testing
  • Web Application Security
  • Code Review


  • GRC Management
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Risk Management

Identity & Access Management

  • Govern Access
  • Control and Monitor Privileged Users
  • Strengthen Authentication without Restricting Productivity

Data Protection

  • Archiving & Image Retention
  • Data Backup & Availability

Device Management

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Systems Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Application/Security Pushes
  • Real-Time and Historic Device Location Mapping